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Classic Rock Concerts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

map of Philadelphia and surrounding area
map of Philadelphia and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in Philadelphia!

2015 Jun 25 Rush, Wells Fargo Center
2015 Nov 4 The Who, Wells Fargo Center

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Who has been to Philadelphia (47 total)

ACICERockStarPR 1 time
Oceang1 33 times
PaulStrauser 5 times
SBgtr1 3 times
cmilazzo 4 times
altobelli 19 times
Stones1fan4Keith 5 times
Jaguar 2 times
jmsiellis 1 time
GW 1 time
thunderroach 5 times
Badbartimus 31 times
DavidLeeRex 1 time
ezeerider 1 time
garyg 2 times
PinkPudding 1 time
Grapost 20 times
gregmusi 2 times
richmox 4 times
iconmac 1 time
willie10c 2 times
Tradermike67 8 times
aev35 1 time
asimeo 2 times
doctorsteve 1 time
csdaigle 1 time
Zook 11 times
Embepropa 2 times
memfade 1 time
sussimyertlad58 1 time
reegsmon 1 time
pTeri 1 time
tgraham 1 time
Scott63 13 times
justinstubs 1 time
Perilous 1 time
bcbob 1 time
69chargerse 9 times
MaxGoettner 1 time
180shun 2 times
Gary61 1 time
anhisr 4 times
66slim 1 time
rawint 1 time
DonnyB 1 time
alevine 5 times
angbish 1 time

Venues in Philadelphia

The Chestnut Cabaret 7 concerts
Citizens Bank Park 3 concerts
Convention Hall 1 concert
Creese Student Center 1 concert
Electric Factory (I) 6 concerts
Electric Factory (II) 35 concerts
Fairmount Park 1 concert
Festival Pier 12 concerts
First Unitarian Church 1 concert
Franklin Field 1 concert
JC Dobbs 1 concert
John F. Kennedy Stadium 28 concerts
The Khyber 1 concert
Kung Fu Necktie 1 concert

Other cities near Philadelphia

Camden 1 venue 72 concerts
Upper Darby 1 venue 58 concerts
Swarthmore 1 venue 1 concert
Glenside 1 venue 3 concerts
capitol theater (new jersey)
Phoenixville 1 venue 1 concert
Chadds Ford 1 venue 1 concert
Wilmington 1 venue 2 concerts
Schwenksville 1 venue 1 concert
Trenton 5 venues 17 concerts
Sellersville 1 venue 20 concerts
Princeton 1 venue 1 concert

Concerts in Philadelphia [add one]

1967 Aug 24The Who, Convention Hall
1968 Jul 24The Who, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1969 Jan 21Led Zeppelin, Electric Factory (I)
1969 Apr 12Jimi Hendrix, The Spectrum
1969 Jul 12Led Zeppelin, The Spectrum, Spectrum Summer Music Festival
1969 Jul 12Jethro Tull, The Spectrum, Spectrum Summer Music Festival
1969 Oct 19The Who, The Spectrum
1969 Oct 21Led Zeppelin, Electric Factory (I)
1969 Nov 25The Rolling Stones, The Spectrum
1970 Jan 9The Allman Brothers Band, Electric Factory (I)
1970 Jan 10The Allman Brothers Band, Electric Factory (I)
1970 Feb 28Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Electric Factory (I)
1970 Mar 31Led Zeppelin, The Spectrum
1970 May 16Jimi Hendrix, Temple Performing Arts Center
1970 Jun 24The Who, The Spectrum
1970 Aug 12The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1971 Feb 5The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1971 May 14The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1971 Aug 3The Who, The Spectrum
1971 Nov 8Elvis Presley, The Spectrum
1971 Dec 29The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1972 Feb 18T.Rex, The Spectrum
1972 May 11Jethro Tull, The Spectrum
1972 Jun 13Led Zeppelin, The Spectrum
1972 Jul 12The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1972 Jul 20The Rolling Stones, The Spectrum
1972 Jul 21The Rolling Stones, The Spectrum
1972 Dec 29The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1973 Jan 27Neil Young/Linda Ronstadt, The Spectrum
1973 Mar 9Alice Cooper, The Spectrum
1973 Nov 6Grand Funk Railroad, The Spectrum
1973 Dec 4The Who, The Spectrum
1973 Dec 28The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1973 Dec 29The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1974 Mar 15Deep Purple, The Spectrum
1974 May 3Grand Funk Railroad, The Spectrum
1974 Jun 23Elvis Presley, The Spectrum, Two Shows at 3pm and 8.30pm.
1974 Jul 17Edgar Winter/Rick Derringer, The Spectrum
1974 Oct 6Eric Clapton, The Spectrum
1974 Nov 15The Beach Boys, The Spectrum
1974 Nov 18David Bowie, The Spectrum
1974 Nov 25David Bowie, The Spectrum
1974 Dec 14Yes, The Spectrum
1974 Dec 16George Harrison \ Billy Preston \ Ravi Shenker, The Spectrum
1974 Dec 17George Harrison, The Spectrum
1974 Dec 17George Harrison \ Billy Preston \ Ravi Shankar, The Spectrum
1975 Feb 8Led Zeppelin, The Spectrum
1975 Feb 25Jethro Tull, The Spectrum
1975 Apr 15Alice Cooper, The Spectrum
1975 Jun 12Pink Floyd, The Spectrum
1975 Jun 29The Rolling Stones, The Spectrum
1975 Jun 30The Rolling Stones, The Spectrum
1975 Jul 1The Beach Boys, The Spectrum
1975 Jul 21Yes, The Spectrum
1975 Sep 18The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1975 Dec 15The Who, The Spectrum
1976 Mar 15David Bowie, The Spectrum
1976 Mar 16David Bowie, The Spectrum
1976 May 12Paul McCartney, The Spectrum
1976 Jun 28Elvis Presley, The Spectrum
1976 Jul 19Jethro Tull, The Spectrum
1976 Aug 13Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1976 Aug 17Average White Band/ Kool & the Gang, The Spectrum
1976 Dec 21KISS, The Spectrum
1977 Apr 22Grateful Dead, The Spectrum
1977 Apr 24Sonny & Cher, Valley Forge Music Fair
1977 May 28Elvis Presley, The Spectrum
1977 Jun 20Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Spectrum
1977 Aug 13Led Zeppelin, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1977 Oct 9Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1977 Oct 10Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1977 Nov 23Queen, The Spectrum
1977 Dec 19Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1977 Dec 22KISS, The Spectrum
1978 Jan 30KISS, The Spectrum
1978 Feb 5Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Spectrum
1978 Apr 28David Bowie, The Spectrum
1978 Apr 29David Bowie, The Spectrum
1978 May 13Grateful Dead, The Spectrum
1978 May 27Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1978 Jun 17Foreigner, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1978 Jun 17The Rolling Stones, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1978 Aug 4Crosby, Stills & Nash, Mann Music Center
1978 Aug 19Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1978 Aug 29Black Sabbath, The Spectrum
1978 Aug 29Van Halen, The Spectrum
1978 Sep 23Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Spectrum
1978 Nov 25Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1979 Jan 21Rush, The Spectrum
1979 May 19Van Halen, The Spectrum
1979 Jul 1Bad Company, The Spectrum
1979 Jul 22Bad Company, The Spectrum
1979 Aug 29The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1979 Sep 7KISS, The Spectrum
1979 Dec 10The Who, The Spectrum
1979 Dec 11The Who, The Spectrum
1980 May 7Van Halen, The Spectrum
1980 Jun 17Genesis, The Spectrum
1980 Sep 25Rehearsal: Rush, The Spectrum
1980 Nov 22Kansas, The Spectrum
1981 Jan 17The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1981 Apr 4Styx, The Spectrum
1981 May 22Rush, The Spectrum
1981 Jun 20The Allman Bros/Marshall Tucker Band/Outlaws/Molly Hatchet/.38 Special, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1981 Jun 20The Allman Brothers Band, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1981 Jun 21Various Artists, John F. Kennedy Stadium, The Roundup
1981 Jul 13Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 15Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 16Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 18Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 19Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 20Van Halen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 21Van Halen, The Spectrum
1981 Jul 22Van Halen, The Spectrum
1981 Sep 25George Thorogood & The Destroyers, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1981 Sep 25The Rolling Stones, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1981 Sep 25Journey, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1981 Sep 26The Rolling Stones, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1981 Dec 14The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1982 Jun 19Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Round Up 2 - Various Artists
1982 Jun 19The Kinks,Foreigner,Loverboy,Joan Jett, Huey Lewis and the news, John F. Kennedy Stadium, JKF Jam
1982 Jun 27Rainbow/Scorpions/Riot, The Spectrum
1982 Aug 12Olivia Newton-John, The Spectrum
1982 Sep 25The Who, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1982 Oct 19Van Halen, The Spectrum
1982 Oct 20Van Halen, The Spectrum
1982 Dec 13Rush, The Spectrum
1982 Dec 14Rush, The Spectrum
1983 Feb 14Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1983 Feb 28Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1983 May 21The Kinks, The Spectrum
1983 Jul 14Rick Springfield, The Spectrum
1983 Jul 18David Bowie, The Spectrum
1983 Jul 19David Bowie, The Spectrum
1983 Jul 20David Bowie, The Spectrum
1983 Jul 21David Bowie, The Spectrum
1983 Nov 5Black Sabbath, The Spectrum
1983 Nov 25Genesis, The Spectrum
1984 Mar 21Van Halen, The Spectrum
1984 Jul 1Randy Hansen, The Chestnut Cabaret
1984 Aug 5Crosby, Stills & Nash, Mann Music Center
1984 Aug 8Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1984 Aug 11Elvis Costello, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 10Yes, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 11Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 12Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 14Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 15Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 17Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 18Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1984 Sep 29The Jacksons (Victory Tour), John F. Kennedy Stadium
1984 Nov 5Rush/Y&T, The Spectrum
1984 Nov 5Rush, The Spectrum
1985 Feb 23Deep Purple, The Spectrum
1985 Apr 1George Thorogood, The Spectrum
1985 Apr 29Eric Clapton, The Spectrum
1985 Jul 13Pat Metheny, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Live Aid
1985 Jul 13Black Sabbath, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Live Aid
1985 Jul 13Live Aid, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Live Aid
1985 Jul 13Led Zeppelin, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Live Aid
1985 Aug 14Bruce Springsteen, Veterans Stadium
1985 Aug 15Bruce Springsteen, Veterans Stadium
1985 Sep 8Wham, Veterans Stadium
1985 Sep 8Katrina & The Waves, Veterans Stadium
1985 Nov 5Heart, The Spectrum
1985 Nov 12Night Ranger/Starship, The Spectrum
1985 Dec 16Todd Rundgren and his Eleven Voice Orchestra, The Walnut St. Theater
1985 Dec 17KISS, The Spectrum
1986 Mar 8Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1986 Apr 14Rush, The Spectrum
1986 Apr 16Rush, The Spectrum
1986 Jun 1Judas Priest, The Spectrum
1986 Jun 26Guns N' Roses, Trocadero
1986 Aug 4Van Halen, The Spectrum
1986 Aug 5Van Halen, The Spectrum
1986 Aug 6Van Halen, The Spectrum
1986 Aug 24The Allman Brothers Band, Fairmount Park
1986 Sep 6John Fogerty, Mann Music Center
1986 Sep 8Elton John, The Spectrum
1986 Sep 12Emerson, Lake & Powell, Mann Music Center
1986 Oct 10The Moody Blues, The Spectrum
1987 Jan 20The Pretenders, The Spectrum
1987 Apr 24Deep Purple, The Spectrum
1987 Jul 10Grateful Dead, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1987 Jul 10Bob Dylan, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1987 Jul 11Madonna, Veterans Stadium
1987 Jul 20Peter Gabriel, The Spectrum
1987 Jul 30David Bowie, Veterans Stadium
1987 Jul 31David Bowie, Veterans Stadium
1987 Sep 19Pink Floyd, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1987 Oct 25Heart, The Spectrum
1987 Nov 10Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1987 Nov 11Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1987 Nov 15Rush, The Spectrum
1987 Dec 13Rush, The Spectrum
1987 Dec 13David Sanborn, Valley Forge Music Fair
1987 Dec 14Rush, The Spectrum
1988 Jan 12Dio, CoreStates Center
1988 Jan 12Savatage, CoreStates Center
1988 Jan 12Megadeth, CoreStates Center
1988 Mar 8Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1988 Mar 9Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1988 Apr 2George Thorogood, The Spectrum
1988 Apr 17David Lee Roth, The Spectrum
1988 May 4Jane Siberry, The Chestnut Cabaret
1988 Jun 11Van Halen, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1988 Jun 11Kingdom Come, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jun 11Scorpions, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jun 11Dokken, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jun 11Metallica, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jul 26Chicago, The Spectrum
1988 Aug 4Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1988 Aug 5Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1988 Sep 25Def Leppard, The Spectrum
1988 Sep 25Queensryche, The Spectrum
1988 Oct 18Prince, The Spectrum
1988 Oct 22Van Halen, The Spectrum
1989 Apr 2Dark Angel, Trocadero
1989 Apr 2Death, Trocadero
1989 Jun 25Public Enemy, The Spectrum
1989 Jul 7Grateful Dead, John F. Kennedy Stadium
1989 Jul 9The Who, Veterans Stadium
1989 Jul 10The Who, Veterans Stadium
1989 Jul 14The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1989 Aug 31The Rolling Stones, Veterans Stadium
1989 Sep 1The Rolling Stones, Veterans Stadium
1990 Jan 19Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1990 Jan 21Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1990 Mar 5Nine Inch Nails, Trocadero
1990 Apr 24Rush, The Spectrum
1990 Apr 27Rush, The Spectrum
1990 May 17Diana Ross, Valley Forge Music Fair
1990 Jul 9David Bowie, The Spectrum
1990 Jul 10David Bowie, The Spectrum
1990 Jul 12David Bowie, The Spectrum
1990 Jul 13David Bowie, The Spectrum
1990 Jul 14Nine Inch Nails, Creese Student Center
1990 Jul 14Paul McCartney, Veterans Stadium
1990 Jul 15Paul McCartney, Veterans Stadium
1990 Jul 24Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1990 Aug 14Eric Clapton, The Spectrum
1990 Aug 15Eric Clapton, The Spectrum
1990 Aug 28The Allman Brothers Band, Mann Music Center
1990 Oct 10Bill Bruford's Earthworks, The Chestnut Cabaret
1991 Jul 12Pearl Jam, JC Dobbs
1991 Aug 4Cheap Trick, Valley Forge Music Fair
1991 Aug 26The Allman Brothers Band, Mann Music Center
1991 Oct 15Van Halen, The Spectrum
1991 Oct 16Van Halen, The Spectrum
1991 Nov 8Buddy Guy, The Chestnut Cabaret
1991 Nov 15The Allman Brothers Band, The Spectrum
1991 Dec 1Rush, The Spectrum
1991 Dec 1Vinnie Moore, The Spectrum
1991 Dec 3Rush, The Spectrum
1991 Dec 3Vinnie Moore, The Spectrum
1991 Dec 16Soundgarden, The Spectrum
1991 Dec 16Guns N' Roses, The Spectrum
1992 Mar 16Grateful Dead, The Spectrum
1992 Mar 17Grateful Dead, The Spectrum
1992 Apr 3Chris Whitley, Trocadero
1992 Apr 10Pearl Jam, Trocadero
1992 May 13Galactic Cowboys, The Chestnut Cabaret
1992 May 13King's X, The Chestnut Cabaret
1992 Aug 22The Allman Brothers Band, Mann Music Center
1992 Aug 28Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1992 Aug 29Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1992 Sep 2U2, Veterans Stadium
1992 Sep 2Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Veterans Stadium
1992 Sep 2Primus, Veterans Stadium
1992 Sep 3Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy, Veterans Stadium
1992 Sep 3U2, Veterans Stadium
1992 Sep 3Primus, Veterans Stadium
1992 Oct 24Chris Whitley, The Chestnut Cabaret
1992 Dec 7Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1992 Dec 8Bruce Springsteen, The Spectrum
1993 Aug 4The Allman Brothers Band, Mann Music Center
1993 Sep 17Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1994 Apr 29Rush, The Spectrum
1994 Apr 30Rush, The Spectrum
1994 Jun 23Whitney Houston, The Spectrum
1994 Aug 17Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1994 Sep 22The Rolling Stones, Veterans Stadium
1994 Sep 23The Rolling Stones, Veterans Stadium
1994 Oct 27The Offspring, Trocadero
1994 Dec 10Aerosmith, The Spectrum
1995 Apr 28Van Halen, CoreStates Spectrum
1995 Sep 13Eric Clapton, CoreStates Spectrum
1995 Nov 1Green Day, Philadelphia Civic Center
1996 Feb 6Red Hot Chili Peppers, CoreStates Center
1996 Apr 18Cows, Electric Factory (II)
1996 Apr 18Primus, Electric Factory (II)
1996 Jul 8Aretha Franklin, Veterans Stadium
1996 Sep 15Ozzy Osbourne, CoreStates Center, Ozzfest
1996 Oct 8KISS, CoreStates Center
1996 Oct 9KISS, CoreStates Center
1996 Oct 11KISS, CoreStates Center
1996 Nov 6Rush, CoreStates Center
1996 Nov 17The Who, CoreStates Spectrum
1996 Nov 21Soundgarden, Electric Factory (II)
1996 Nov 21Rocket from the Crypt, Electric Factory (II)
1996 Dec 28Phish, CoreStates Spectrum
1996 Dec 29Phish, CoreStates Spectrum
1997 Feb 21The Offspring, Fillmore Philadelphia
1997 Jun 8U2, Franklin Field
1997 Oct 3David Bowie, Electric Factory (II)
1997 Oct 4David Bowie, Electric Factory (II)
1997 Oct 12The Rolling Stones, Veterans Stadium
1997 Dec 2Phish, CoreStates Spectrum
1997 Dec 3Phish, CoreStates Spectrum
1998 Jan 15Aerosmith, CoreStates Center
1998 Mar 13Primus, Electric Factory (II), SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 13The Aquabats, Electric Factory (II), SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 13Long Beach Dub Allstars, Electric Factory (II), SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 13Blink-182, Electric Factory (II), SnoCore Tour
1998 May 24Van Halen, CoreStates Spectrum
1998 Nov 21KISS, CoreStates Center
1998 Dec 17Aerosmith, CoreStates Center
1999 Feb 18Black Sabbath, First Union Spectrum
1999 Mar 9The Offspring, Electric Factory (II)
1999 Mar 15The Rolling Stones, First Union Center
1999 Mar 17The Rolling Stones, First Union Center
1999 May 27Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fillmore Philadelphia
1999 Sep 13Bruce Springsteen, First Union Center
1999 Sep 15Bruce Springsteen, First Union Center
1999 Sep 20Bruce Springsteen, First Union Center
1999 Sep 21Bruce Springsteen, First Union Center
1999 Sep 24Bruce Springsteen, First Union Spectrum
1999 Sep 25Bruce Springsteen, First Union Center
1999 Nov 13Primus, Electric Factory (II)
1999 Nov 13Buckethead, Electric Factory (II)
1999 Nov 13Incubus, Electric Factory (II)
2000 Oct 28Barenaked Ladies, First Union Spectrum
2001 Nov 8Aerosmith, First Union Center
2002 Sep 18The Rolling Stones, Veterans Stadium
2002 Sep 20The Rolling Stones, First Union Center
2002 Oct 6Bruce Springsteen, First Union Center
2002 Oct 27Rush, First Union Center
2002 Dec 6Guns N' Roses, First Union Center
2002 Dec 8Guns N' Roses, First Union Spectrum
2002 Dec 19Aerosmith, First Union Center
2003 Apr 28Pearl Jam, First Union Spectrum
2003 Jul 12Metallica, Veterans Stadium, Summer Sanitarium Tour
2003 Aug 5The Allman Brothers Band, Festival Pier
2003 Aug 8Bruce Springsteen, Lincoln Financial Field
2003 Aug 9Bruce Springsteen, Lincoln Financial Field
2003 Aug 11Bruce Springsteen, Lincoln Financial Field
2003 Dec 10David Bowie, First Union Center
2003 Dec 15IGGY POP & THE TROLLS, The Khyber
2004 Mar 29David Bowie, Wachovia Center
2004 Apr 14Aerosmith, Wachovia Center
2004 May 23The Offspring, Electric Factory (II)
2004 Jun 16Van Halen, Wachovia Center
2004 Jun 17Van Halen, Wachovia Center
2005 Jul 23The Allman Brothers Band, Festival Pier
2005 Oct 3Pearl Jam, Wachovia Center
2005 Oct 17Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Center
2005 Nov 8Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Spectrum
2005 Nov 9Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Spectrum
2005 Nov 23Aerosmith, Wachovia Center
2005 Nov 23Lenny Kravitz, Wachovia Center
2006 Jun 16Dickey Betts, Fillmore Philadelphia
2006 Sep 12The Who, Wachovia Spectrum
2006 Oct 23Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wachovia Center
2006 Oct 24Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wachovia Center
2006 Nov 25The Who, Wachovia Spectrum
2007 Apr 1Down, Electric Factory (II)
2007 Jul 19The Police, Citizens Bank Park
2007 Oct 1Van Halen, Wachovia Center
2007 Oct 3Van Halen, Wachovia Center
2007 Oct 5Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Center
2007 Oct 6Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Center
2007 Nov 14The Police, Wachovia Center
2008 May 10The Cure, Wachovia Spectrum
2008 May 1065daysofstatic, Wachovia Spectrum
2008 Jun 14Rush, Wachovia Center
2008 Jul 29The Police, Wachovia Center
2008 Oct 26The Who, Wachovia Center
2008 Nov 17AC/DC, Wachovia Center
2009 Apr 8Jeff Beck, Electric Factory (II)
2009 Apr 15Fleetwood Mac, Wachovia Center
2009 Apr 28Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Center
2009 Apr 29Bruce Springsteen, Wachovia Center
2009 May 1Lady Gaga, Electric Factory (II)
2009 May 1Grateful Dead, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 May 2Grateful Dead, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Jun 12Eric Clapton, Wachovia Center
2009 Jul 30Elton John, Citizens Bank Park
2009 Aug 1Elton John, Citizens Bank Park
2009 Sep 5Alice in Chains, Theatre of the Living Arts
2009 Oct 9Dinosaur Jr., Theatre of the Living Arts
2009 Oct 12Them Crooked Vultures, Electric Factory (II)
2009 Oct 12KISS, Wachovia Center
2009 Oct 27Pearl Jam, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 27Social Distortion, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 28Pearl Jam, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 28Social Distortion, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 30Bad Religion, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 30Pearl Jam, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 31Pearl Jam, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Oct 31Bad Religion, Wachovia Spectrum
2009 Nov 17The Cranberries, Electric Factory (II)
2009 Dec 4Flobots, The Note
2010 Jan 15D.R.I., Trocadero
2010 Feb 23The English Beat, World Cafe
2010 Feb 23Fishbone, World Cafe
2010 Feb 23Outlaw Nation, World Cafe
2010 Mar 23Bon Jovi, Wachovia Center
2010 Mar 24Bon Jovi, Wachovia Center
2010 Mar 28Dillinger Escape Plan, First Unitarian Church
2010 Apr 9Lynam, Electric Factory (II)
2010 Apr 9Cinderella, Electric Factory (II)
2010 May 5Del Mar, Electric Factory (II)
2010 May 5Sublime with Rome, Electric Factory (II)
2010 May 5The Dirty Heads, Electric Factory (II)
2010 Jun 19Danzig, Trocadero
2010 Jul 12U2, Lincoln Financial Field
2010 Jul 13The Offspring, Festival Pier
2010 Jul 13Pepper, Festival Pier
2010 Jul 13311, Festival Pier
2010 Jul 17Sublime with Rome, Festival Pier
2010 Jul 17The Dirty Heads, Festival Pier
2010 Jul 17Matisyahu, Festival Pier
2010 Oct 29Social Distortion, Electric Factory (II)
2010 Dec 3Murphys Law, North Star Bar
2011 Apr 14Sabaton, Trocadero
2011 Apr 14Accept, Trocadero
2011 Apr 29Down, Trocadero
2011 May 2Rise Against, Electric Factory (II)
2011 May 2Bad Religion, Electric Factory (II)
2011 May 2Four Year Strong, Electric Factory (II)
2011 May 3Four Year Strong, Electric Factory (II)
2011 May 3Bad Religion, Electric Factory (II)
2011 May 3Rise Against, Electric Factory (II)
2011 Jun 24D.I., Kung Fu Necktie
2011 Jun 29JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, North Star Bar
2011 Jul 13Soundgarden, Festival Pier
2011 Jul 26311, Festival Pier
2011 Jul 26Sublime With Rome, Festival Pier
2011 Oct 14Filter, Electric Factory (II)
2011 Oct 14Bush, Electric Factory (II)
2011 Oct 14Chevelle, Electric Factory (II)
2011 Nov 10Foo Fighters, Wells Fargo Center
2011 Nov 12Steven Wilson, Temple Performing Arts Center
2012 Mar 5Van Halen, Wells Fargo Center
2012 Jul 7Furthur, Mann Music Center
2013 Apr 12The Black Crowes, Electric Factory (II)
2013 Aug 10Black Sabbath, Wells Fargo Center
2013 Oct 31Warbringer, Trocadero
2013 Oct 31Kreator, Trocadero
2013 Oct 31Overkill, Trocadero
2014 Sep 15Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/til tuesday, Wells Fargo Center
2014 Oct 15Fleetwood Mac, Wells Fargo Center
2015 May 9The Replacements, Festival Pier
2015 May 17The Who, Wells Fargo Center
2015 Jun 25Rush, Wells Fargo Center
2015 Nov 4The Who, Wells Fargo Center

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