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Classic Rock Concerts

Detroit, Michigan, United States

map of Detroit and surrounding area
map of Detroit and surrounding area

There are concerts coming up in Detroit!

2015 Sep 8 AC/DC, Ford Field
2015 Oct 17 The Who, Joe Louis Arena

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Births & deaths in Detroit

Glenn Frey born November 6, 1948
Bob Birch born 1956

Who has been to Detroit (136 total)

alwizard99 1 time
sandinista 227 times
ACICERockStarPR 1 time
MarkMark714 124 times
Doc 3 times
redFender 1 time
UncleSalty 16 times
MikePet 2 times
JB 27 times
mybar 59 times
MrBlackwell 1 time
rockgirl 41 times
jwoodworth 33 times
michrocks 2 times
redcarpetrider 17 times
DT 1 time
SalvationRoad 10 times
irock 12 times
Terraceten 1 time
markster412 3 times
carolscott13 4 times
Gorillawoman 4 times
wowjimi 2 times
Peepers59 4 times
Dynasty79 1 time
deke 1 time
jimmied 2 times
araslim 3 times
wintewill 3 times
rrieckhoff 1 time
tsmith7559 2 times
wbrodyjr 2 times
AmazonThinker 1 time
theQuo 1 time
steamm 1 time
OPB 1 time
mariakujat 1 time
pinkcadence 1 time
seanster51 1 time
marvpeck 1 time
bossfan111 1 time
alex 1 time
MichiganMike 11 times
Bear 93 times
33rpm 1 time
Bernman48127 2 times
mmyers 1 time
ClevelandJeff 1 time
stievenb 2 times
Teresa 30 times
beachbumm55 1 time
rocktilyadrop 1 time
Floridawaynster 1 time
brentholio 4 times
TK 2 times
tg 1 time
MikeF 1 time
tim1briere 1 time
OldDog 1 time
JohnM228 3 times
baileyFace 1 time
MJZ1974 2 times
dbonello 20 times
mgjohnson 2 times
dynamiccat 1 time
BastardOfYoung 8 times
PinkPudding 39 times
partyof05 1 time
tdc24 2 times
DetroitDave 29 times
oldjawbone13 1 time
subman1210 1 time
woodisradio 15 times
macghoila 1 time
ml 8 times
denden2c 1 time
showshotz 1 time
alexwasthere 1 time
jperp 5 times
carolwasthere 3 times
onebad65 3 times
Rogobob77 18 times
keo21 13 times
RockBottom 3 times
Spin2Win 2 times
78Detroit 1 time
wheelzzz 1 time
bobber 1 time
zepmansam 1 time
richard 1 time
spartyman 1 time
cal25691 10 times
rivans 1 time
queenv1 1 time
Dmixer50 17 times
Brucemc777 1 time
jpan 1 time
Singe 1 time
rockinlue 1 time
Joanna 1 time
Donnyklinger 1 time
TheRocker 32 times
mguernsey 1 time
Scruffy 1 time
daniad 1 time
chellndana 1 time
detdie1956 3 times
jumpblues 1 time
rma153 1 time
Bono 1 time
grabb 3 times
hegyan 1 time
TerraceYouth 1 time
johnliddle 31 times
PhoenixMike 40 times
katman 1 time
robn99 1 time
anhisr 1 time
shovelheaddave 1 time
bagman 19 times
JackNorth 1 time
lsa196 2 times
MenfussMike 2 times
Rogobob79 1 time
dmelasi 1 time
DavidF1957 8 times
LesStair 1 time
toni1950 2 times
iascoinc1 3 times
Katbri 1 time
earloftwirl 1 time
meterman13 2 times
blueskat9000 1 time
bopep 1 time
BungMSU86 2 times

Venues in Detroit

Ambassador Roller Rink 1 concert
Blondies 66 concerts
Bookie's Club 870 13 concerts
Chene Park Music Theatre 5 concerts
Cinderella Ballroom 1 concert
Cobo Arena 126 concerts
Cobo Hall 143 concerts
Comerica Park 7 concerts
Detroit Olympia 23 concerts
Detroit Opera House 1 concert
Detroit Public Library 1 concert
Eastown Theater 75 concerts
Fillmore Detroit 54 concerts
Fisher Theatre 1 concert
Ford Auditorium 26 concerts
Ford Field 2 concerts
Fox Theatre 24 concerts
Grand Circus Park 3 concerts
Grande Ballroom 140 concerts
The Grand Riviera 3 concerts
Harpos 21 concerts
I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB 12 concerts
Joe Louis Arena 104 concerts
Latin Quarter 1 concert
The Majestic Theater 4 concerts
Masonic Theater 82 concerts
Michigan Palace 31 concerts
Michigan State Fair Band Shell 10 concerts
Michigan State Fairgrounds 5 concerts
Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum 2 concerts
MotorCity Casino 3 concerts
Motor City Roller Rink 8 concerts
Nitro 4 concerts
Olympia Stadium 17 concerts
The Red Carpet 2 concerts
St. Andrew's Hall 22 concerts
State Fairgrounds Coliseum 5 concerts
Tartar Field 2 concerts
Tiger Stadium 3 concerts
Traxx 1 concert

Other cities near Detroit

Windsor 4 venues 54 concerts
Petosky 1 venue 1 concert
Allen Park 1 venue 2 concerts
Ferndale 1 venue 9 concerts
Royal Oak 1 venue 35 concerts
Roseville 1 venue 6 concerts
Southfield 1 venue 1 concert
Sterling Heights 2 venues 11 concerts
Birmingham 1 venue 55 concerts
Westland 1 venue 1 concert
Clinton Township 1 venue 1 concert
Mount Clemens 1 venue 5 concerts
Canton 1 venue 2 concerts
Pontiac 4 venues 76 concerts
Rochester Hills 1 venue 19 concerts
Auburn Hills 1 venue 163 concerts
Ypsilanti 1 venue 2 concerts
Clarkston 1 venue 465 concerts
Monroe 2 venues 7 concerts

Concerts in Detroit [add one]

1957 Mar 31Elvis Presley, Detroit Olympia
1964 Jun 14The Rolling Stones, Detroit Olympia
1964 Sep 6The Beatles, Detroit Olympia
1964 Nov 28James Brown, Cobo Arena
1965 Aug 25MC5, Ambassador Roller Rink
1965 Nov 26The Rolling Stones, Cobo Hall
1966 Jul 8The Rolling Stones, Cobo Hall
1966 Aug 13The Beatles, Detroit Olympia
1966 Oct 7MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Oct 8MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Oct 14MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Oct 15MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Nov 12MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Nov 18The Yardbirds, State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Carnaby Street Fun Festival
1966 Nov 19The Yardbirds, State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Carnaby Street Fun Festival
1966 Nov 19MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Nov 20The Yardbirds, State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Carnaby Street Fun Festival
1966 Dec 10MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Dec 17MC5, Grande Ballroom
1966 Dec 26MC5, Grande Ballroom, The Fifth Estate First Anniversary Freak Out
1966 Dec 31MC5, Grande Ballroom
1967 Jun 30Jefferson Airplane, Ford Auditorium
1967 Aug 11Grateful Dead, Grande Ballroom
1967 Aug 12Grateful Dead, Grande Ballroom
1967 Oct 13Cream, Grande Ballroom
1967 Oct 14Cream, Grande Ballroom
1967 Oct 15Cream, Grande Ballroom
1967 Oct 27The James Gang, Grande Ballroom
1967 Nov 17The Mothers of Invention, Masonic Theater
1967 Dec 1The Mothers of Invention, Ford Auditorium
1967 Dec 8Moby Grape, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 9Moby Grape, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 15Vanilla Fudge, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 16Vanilla Fudge, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 17Vanilla Fudge, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 21The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 22Cream, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 23Cream, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 25MC5, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 27MC5, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 29John Lee Hooker, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 30John Lee Hooker, Grande Ballroom
1967 Dec 31MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jan 19The Amboy Dukes, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jan 20The Amboy Dukes, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jan 23John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Grande Ballroom
1968 Feb 16Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Feb 17Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Feb 18The Byrds, Grande Ballroom
1968 Feb 23Jimi Hendrix, Masonic Theater
1968 Mar 1Big Brother and the Holding Company, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 2Big Brother and the Holding Company, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 3Blood, Sweat & Tears, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 9The Who, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 16The James Gang, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 17MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 22Grateful Dead, State Fairgrounds Coliseum
1968 Mar 23Grateful Dead, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 24MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 29Sly & the Family Stone, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 30Sly & the Family Stone, Grande Ballroom
1968 Mar 31Sly & the Family Stone, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 5The Troggs, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 6The Troggs, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 7Junior Wells, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 10The Mothers of Invention, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 12Traffic, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 13Traffic, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 17MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Apr 28The Mothers of Invention, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 3The Yardbirds, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 4The Yardbirds, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 10James Cotton Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 11James Cotton Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 17Procol Harum, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 18Procol Harum, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 24The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 25The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 26The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 May 31Love, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jun 1Love, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jun 7Cream, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jun 8Cream, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jun 9Cream, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jun 14The Soft Machine, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jun 15The Soft Machine, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 5The Jeff Beck Group, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 6The Jeff Beck Group, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 11Fleetwood Mac, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 12Pink Floyd, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 13The Who, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 13Pink Floyd, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 19Spirit, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 20Spirit, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 21Spirit, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 26The Steve Miller Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 27The Steve Miller Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Jul 28The Steve Miller Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 9Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 10Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 11Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 23Albert King, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 24Albert King, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 25Albert King, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 30Howlin' Wolf, Grande Ballroom
1968 Aug 31Howlin' Wolf, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 6B.B. King, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 7B.B. King, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 8B.B. King, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 13Procol Harum, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 14Procol Harum, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 15Procol Harum, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 20The Amboy Dukes, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 21The Amboy Dukes, Grande Ballroom
1968 Sep 22The Amboy Dukes, Grande Ballroom
1968 Oct 11John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Grande Ballroom
1968 Oct 12John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Grande Ballroom
1968 Oct 12Cream, Detroit Olympia
1968 Oct 13John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Grande Ballroom
1968 Oct 15Big Brother and the Holding Company, Grande Ballroom
1968 Oct 27MC5, Grande Ballroom, Benefit for Senator Roger Craig
1968 Oct 30MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Oct 31MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 1The Jeff Beck Group, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 2The Jeff Beck Group, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 3The Jeff Beck Group, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 8Buddy Guy Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 9Buddy Guy Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 10Buddy Guy Blues Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 15The Steve Miller Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 16The Steve Miller Band, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 17The Moody Blues, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 22Tim Buckley, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 23Tim Buckley, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 24Jefferson Airplane, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 27MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 28MC5, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 29Blood, Sweat & Tears, Grande Ballroom
1968 Nov 30Jimi Hendrix, Cobo Hall
1968 Nov 30Jimi Hendrix, Cobo Arena
1968 Dec 1Grateful Dead, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 6Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 7Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 8Canned Heat, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 13Deep Purple, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 14Deep Purple, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 20Iron Butterfly, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 21Iron Butterfly, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 26Fleetwood Mac, Grande Ballroom
1968 Dec 27Fleetwood Mac, Grande Ballroom
1969 Jan 17Led Zeppelin, Grande Ballroom
1969 Jan 18Led Zeppelin, Grande Ballroom
1969 Jan 19Led Zeppelin, Grande Ballroom
1969 Mar 30Blood, Sweat & Tears, Ford Auditorium
1969 May 2Jimi Hendrix, Cobo Hall
1969 May 9The Who, Grande Ballroom
1969 May 10The Who, Grande Ballroom
1969 May 11The Who, Grande Ballroom
1969 May 16Led Zeppelin, Grande Ballroom
1969 May 17The Mothers of Invention, Ford Auditorium
1969 May 30Detroit Rock'n'Roll Revival, Day 1, Michigan State Fairgrounds, Detroit Rock'n'Roll Revival
1969 May 31Detroit Rock'n'Roll Revival, Day 2, Michigan State Fairgrounds, Detroit Rock'n'Roll Revival
1969 Jun 6MC5, Eastown Theater
1969 Jun 7MC5, Eastown Theater
1969 Jun 14Iggy SRC, Eastown Theater, Mt Clemens race track festival
1969 Jul 13MC5, Eastown Theater, LSD Presents a John Sinclair Salute
1969 Aug 8Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1969 Aug 9Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1969 Aug 17The Amboy Dukes, Detroit Public Library, WABX-FM Free Concert
1969 Sep 27Eric Burdon & War, Eastown Theater
1969 Sep 27Mountain, Eastown Theater
1969 Oct 11The Who, The Grand Riviera
1969 Oct 12The Who, The Grand Riviera
1969 Oct 18Led Zeppelin, Detroit Olympia
1969 Oct 18Led Zeppelin, Olympia Stadium
1969 Oct 31Black Arts & Rock'n'Roll Festival, Olympia Stadium
1969 Nov 1Alice Cooper, The Grand Riviera
1969 Nov 24The Rolling Stones, Detroit Olympia
1969 Nov 24The Rolling Stones, Olympia Stadium
1969 Dec 14Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Masonic Theater
1970 Jan 2Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1970 Jan 3Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1970 Jan 24The Amboy Dukes, Eastown Theater
1970 Jan 25The Amboy Dukes, Grande Ballroom, John Sinclair Freedom Rally
1970 Jan 30Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1970 Jan 31Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1970 Feb 20The Amboy Dukes, Eastown Theater
1970 Mar 20Joe Cocker, Eastown Theater
1970 Mar 20Mountain, Eastown Theater
1970 Apr 4Rod Stewart & The Faces, Eastown Theater
1970 Apr 25Pink Floyd, Eastown Theater
1970 May 3Rod Stewart & The Faces, Eastown Theater
1970 May 3Savoy Brown, Eastown Theater
1970 May 8Doors , Cobo Hall
1970 May 20Mountain, Eastown Theater
1970 May 24SRC, Tartar Field, WABX-FM Free Concert
1970 May 29Jethro Tull, Eastown Theater
1970 Jun 5Traffic, Eastown Theater
1970 Jun 21Teegarden & Van Winkle, Tartar Field, WABX-FM Free Concert
1970 Jul 5The Who, Cobo Hall
1970 Jul 18Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cobo Arena
1970 Jul 31The Amboy Dukes, Eastown Theater
1970 Aug 1The Amboy Dukes, Eastown Theater
1970 Aug 14Johnny Winter, Eastown Theater
1970 Aug 15Johnny Winter, Eastown Theater
1970 Aug 28Led Zeppelin, Detroit Olympia
1970 Aug 28Led Zeppelin, Olympia Stadium
1970 Sep 4Fleetwood Mac, Eastown Theater
1970 Sep 5Fleetwood Mac, Eastown Theater
1970 Sep 11Elvis Presley, Olympia Stadium
1970 Sep 12Savoy Brown, Eastown Theater
1970 Sep 19Mountain, Eastown Theater
1970 Sep 25Cactus, Eastown Theater
1970 Oct 2Lee Michaels, Eastown Theater
1970 Oct 3Lee Michaels, Eastown Theater
1970 Oct 16Rod Stewart & The Faces, Eastown Theater
1970 Dec 18Mountain, Eastown Theater
1970 Dec 25Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1970 Dec 26Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1971 Jan 30The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Eastown Theater
1971 Feb 26The Allman Brothers Band, Eastown Theater
1971 Feb 27The Allman Brothers Band, Eastown Theater
1971 Mar 19Mountain, Eastown Theater
1971 Mar 20Mountain, Eastown Theater
1971 Apr 3The Kinks, Eastown Theater
1971 Apr 16Procol Harum, Eastown Theater
1971 Apr 17Procol Harum, Eastown Theater
1971 Apr 20Jethro Tull, Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum
1971 Apr 23Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Eastown Theater
1971 Apr 24Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Eastown Theater
1971 Apr 30John Mayall , Eastown Theater
1971 May 22Lee Michaels, Eastown Theater
1971 May 25The Mothers of Invention, Detroit Olympia
1971 May 30The Allman Brothers Band, State Fairgrounds Coliseum
1971 May 302nd Detroit Rock'n'Roll Revival, Michigan State Fairgrounds
1971 Jun 4Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1971 Jun 5Alice Cooper, Eastown Theater
1971 Jun 11The Allman Brothers Band, Eastown Theater
1971 Jun 12The Allman Brothers Band, Eastown Theater
1971 Jun 19Edgar Winter's White Trash, Eastown Theater
1971 Jul 4Black Sabbath, Michigan State Fairgrounds, Outdoor Rock Festival
1971 Jul 11Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cobo Arena
1971 Jul 16Humble Pie, Eastown Theater
1971 Aug 6Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, Eastown Theater
1971 Aug 14Dr John the Night Tripper, Eastown Theater
1971 Aug 14The Who, Cobo Hall
1971 Aug 22Jefferson Airplane, Cobo Arena
1971 Sep 4Savoy Brown, Eastown Theater
1971 Sep 24Mountain, Eastown Theater
1971 Sep 25Mountain, Eastown Theater
1971 Oct 23The Grateful Dead, Eastown Theater
1971 Oct 24The Grateful Dead, Eastown Theater
1971 Nov 13Procol Harum, Eastown Theater
1971 Dec 11Mountain, Eastown Theater
1972 Jan 19Deep Purple, Ford Auditorium
1972 Mar 13Fleetwood Mac, Ford Auditorium
1972 Mar 14Fleetwood Mac, Ford Auditorium
1972 Mar 30Joe Cocker, Cobo Hall
1972 Apr 2Deep Purple, Ford Auditorium
1972 Apr 2Nazareth, Ford Auditorium
1972 Apr 6Elvis Presley, Olympia Stadium
1972 Apr 9Humble Pie/Edgar Winter's White Trash/Dr. John, Cobo Hall
1972 Apr 17Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Cobo Arena
1972 Apr 22The J Geils Band, Cinderella Ballroom
1972 Apr 23Procol Harum, Ford Auditorium
1972 Apr 24Procol Harum, Ford Auditorium
1972 May 7Jeff Beck / Stevie Wonder / Free, Cobo Arena
1972 May 25Deep Purple, Ford Auditorium
1972 May 26Ike and Tina Turner, Cobo Arena
1972 Jun 6Led Zeppelin, Cobo Hall
1972 Jul 13The Rolling Stones, Cobo Arena
1972 Jul 13The Rolling Stones, Cobo Hall
1972 Jul 14The Rolling Stones, Cobo Hall
1972 Aug 22Jefferson Airplane, Cobo Arena
1972 Aug 27Edgar Winter, Cobo Arena
1972 Aug 27Black Sabbath, Cobo Arena
1972 Sep 6Rod Stewart, Cobo Arena
1972 Sep 28Leon Russell, Cobo Arena
1972 Sep 28Leon Russell, Cobo Hall
1972 Oct 1Fleetwood Mac, Ford Auditorium
1972 Oct 6Elton John, Cobo Hall
1972 Oct 8David Bowie, Fisher Theatre
1972 Oct 27The Steve Miller Band, Ford Auditorium
1972 Nov 11Beach Boys, The, Ford Auditorium
1972 Dec 11The Rockets, The Red Carpet
1972 Dec 11Rockets, The Red Carpet
1972 Dec 12Humble Pie, Cobo Hall
1972 Dec 22Blue Oyster Cult, Ford Auditorium
1972 Dec 31The New York Dolls, Michigan Theater
1973 Feb 6Traffic, Cobo Hall
1973 Mar 1David Bowie, Masonic Theater
1973 Mar 2David Bowie, Masonic Theater
1973 Mar 3Pink Floyd, Cobo Arena
1973 Mar 9Lou Reed, Ford Auditorium
1973 Mar 27Iggy & the Stooges, Ford Auditorium
1973 Mar 30Edgar Winter & Gentle Giant, Masonic Theater
1973 Apr 10Procol Harum, Masonic Theater
1973 Apr 26Johnny Winter, Cobo Arena
1973 Apr 30The Faces, Cobo Hall
1973 May 12The Mothers of Invention, Cobo Hall
1973 May 18The Guess Who, Masonic Theater
1973 May 23Humble Pie / black oak arkansas, Cobo Hall
1973 Jun 11Deep Purple-zztop, Cobo Hall
1973 Jul 12Led Zeppelin, Cobo Hall
1973 Jul 13Led Zeppelin, Cobo Arena
1973 Jul 13Led Zeppelin, Cobo Hall
1973 Jul 22Three Dog Night, Cobo Hall
1973 Jul 29Frampton's Camel\Mott the Hoople, Ford Auditorium
1973 Aug 26Robin Trower, Cobo Hall
1973 Sep 6Jethro Tull, Cobo Hall
1973 Sep 13Jethro Tull \ Livingston Taylor, Cobo Arena
1973 Sep 22The New York Dolls, Michigan Theater
1973 Sep 23Uriah Heep, Cobo Hall
1973 Sep 23Uriah Heep \ Earth Wind and Fire, Cobo Arena
1973 Oct 4The J. Geils Band, Cobo Hall
1973 Oct 5Elton John with his band, Cobo Hall, Elton John Yellow Brick Road Tour
1973 Oct 6Iggy & the Stooges, Michigan Theater
1973 Oct 12Aerosmith, Masonic Theater
1973 Oct 12Mott the Hoople, Masonic Theater
1973 Oct 13Spirit, Michigan Theater
1973 Oct 23Foghat, Masonic Theater
1973 Oct 23Electric Light Orchestra, Masonic Theater
1973 Nov 2The Mothers of Invention, Masonic Theater
1973 Nov 4Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, Masonic Theater
1973 Nov 4REO Speedwagon, Masonic Theater
1973 Nov 5The Allman Brothers Band, Cobo Hall
1973 Nov 13Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Ford Auditorium
1973 Nov 23Ted Nugent, Masonic Theater, Guitar Battle of the Bands
1973 Nov 23Mahogany Rush, Masonic Theater
1973 Nov 24Wishbone Ash/ Rennasaince, Masonic Theater
1973 Nov 30Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cobo Hall
1973 Nov 30The Who, Cobo Hall
1973 Dec 4Emerson Lake & PAlmer, Cobo Arena
1973 Dec 7Montrose, Cobo Arena
1973 Dec 7Humble Pie, Cobo Arena
1973 Dec 16Mountain, Masonic Theater
1974 Jan 7Aerosmith, Michigan Palace
1974 Jan 17Black Oak Arkansas, Masonic Theater
1974 Feb 3Black Sabbath, Cobo Arena
1974 Feb 3Black Sabbath , Cobo Arena
1974 Feb 3Spooky Tooth, Cobo Arena
1974 Feb 8The J. Geils Band, Cobo Arena
1974 Feb 8Montrose, Cobo Arena
1974 Feb 9Iggy & the Stooges, Michigan Palace
1974 Feb 23Badfinger, Michigan Palace
1974 Feb 27Yes, Cobo Hall
1974 Feb 28Yes, Cobo Hall
1974 Mar 20Jefferson Starship, Masonic Theater
1974 Mar 21The James Gang, Masonic Theater
1974 Mar 21Foghat, Masonic Theater
1974 Apr 5The Amboy Dukes, Michigan Palace
1974 Apr 7KISS, Michigan Palace
1974 Apr 7Aerosmith, Michigan Palace
1974 Apr 8Brownsville Station, Cobo Arena
1974 Apr 8Johnny Winter, Cobo Arena
1974 Apr 12KISS, Michigan Palace
1974 Apr 13KISS, Michigan Palace
1974 Apr 14Aerosmith, Michigan Palace
1974 Apr 25Grand Funk Railroad, Cobo Hall
1974 Apr 25Grand Funk Railroad/Wet Willie, Cobo Arena
1974 Apr 26Robin Trower, Ford Auditorium
1974 May 28Ten Years After, Cobo Arena
1974 May 2810cc, Cobo Arena
1974 Jun 20Robin Trower, Masonic Theater
1974 Jun 21Aerosmith, Michigan Palace
1974 Jun 22David Bowie, Cobo Arena
1974 Jun 22David Bowie, Ford Auditorium
1974 Jun 23David Bowie, Cobo Arena
1974 Jun 23David Bowie, Cobo Hall
1974 Jul 2The Mothers of Invention, Cobo Hall
1974 Jul 25Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1974 Sep 6Rush
1974 Sep 13Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1974 Sep 14Joe Cocker, Masonic Theater
1974 Sep 28KISS, Michigan Palace
1974 Sep 29Elvis Presley, Olympia Stadium
1974 Oct 4Elvis Presley, Olympia Stadium
1974 Oct 9Jefferson Starship, Cobo Arena
1974 Oct 12Bachman Turner Overdrive \ Bob Seger Band, Cobo Arena
1974 Oct 15David Bowie, Michigan Palace
1974 Oct 16David Bowie, Michigan Palace
1974 Oct 17David Bowie, Michigan Palace
1974 Oct 17Van Morrison, Masonic Theater
1974 Oct 18David Bowie, Michigan Palace
1974 Oct 19David Bowie, Michigan Palace
1974 Oct 20David Bowie, Michigan Palace
1974 Oct 21Traffic, Olympia Stadium
1974 Nov 1Electric Light Orchestra, Michigan Palace
1974 Nov 3Mountain/golden erring, Cobo Hall
1974 Nov 3The J. Geils Band, Cobo Hall
1974 Nov 4The J. Geils Band, Cobo Arena
1974 Nov 4Mountain, Cobo Arena
1974 Nov 9Rush, Michigan Palace
1974 Nov 12Elton John, Olympia Stadium
1974 Nov 18Yes, Cobo Hall
1974 Nov 28Genesis, Masonic Theater
1974 Dec 4George Harrison, Olympia Stadium
1974 Dec 8Marshall Tucker Band \ Charlie Daniels Band/James Cotton blues Band, Masonic Theater
1974 Dec 16Frank Zappa, Masonic Theater
1974 Dec 20Rush, Michigan Palace
1974 Dec 21Rush, Michigan Palace
1974 Dec 28Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Michigan Palace
1974 Dec 31Roy Buchanan, Michigan Palace
1975 Jan 24Alvin Lee and Company, Masonic Theater
1975 Jan 31Led Zeppelin, Detroit Olympia
1975 Feb 14Rod Stewart and the Faces, Cobo Arena
1975 Feb 24Roxy Music, Cobo Hall
1975 Mar 19Rush
1975 Apr 8Alice Cooper, Detroit Olympia
1975 Apr 13Rush, Michigan Palace
1975 Apr 19Bob Seger+ silver bullet /Flo+Eddie/Freddie King, Michigan Palace
1975 May 16KISS, Cobo Arena
1975 May 17Leslie West/ pavlovs dog, Michigan Palace
1975 May 18The Mothers of Invention, Cobo Hall
1975 May 18Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart, Cobo Arena
1975 May 27Wishbone Ash, Cobo Arena
1975 May 27Aerosmith, Cobo Arena
1975 May 28Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1975 May 29Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1975 May 30Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1975 Jun 2Pink Floyd, Detroit Olympia
1975 Jun 15Spirit/ Iron Butterfly, Michigan Palace
1975 Jun 23Pink Floyd, Olympia Stadium, Dark Side of the Moon
1975 Jun 23Pink Floyd, Detroit Olympia
1975 Jun 24Pink Floyd, Detroit Olympia
1975 Jul 27The Rolling Stones, Cobo Arena
1975 Jul 27The Rolling Stones, Cobo Hall
1975 Jul 28The Rolling Stones, Cobo Arena
1975 Aug 1Black Sabbath, Cobo Arena, Black Sabbath with Black Oak Arkansas, Jim Dandy and Ruby Starr
1975 Aug 3Uriah Heep/Point Blank, Cobo Arena
1975 Sep 11Blue Oyster Cult, Cobo Hall
1975 Sep 12Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Cobo Arena
1975 Sep 13Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Cobo Arena
1975 Oct 5Santana/Nils Lofgren, Cobo Arena
1975 Oct 21Rod Stewart and the Faces, Cobo Arena
1975 Nov 7Little Feat, Cobo Hall
1975 Nov 7Dave Mason, Cobo Hall
1975 Nov 23Roxy Music/Angel/Styx, Cobo Arena
1975 Nov 29J Geils Band, Cobo Hall
1975 Nov 29J. GeilsBand / Gary Wright, Cobo Arena
1975 Nov 29The J Geils Band, Cobo Arena
1975 Dec 13Edgar Winter Group/Lynyrd Sknyrd, Cobo Arena
1975 Dec 29Rush, Cobo Hall
1975 Dec 29Ted Nugent, Cobo Hall
1976 Jan 22Peter Frampton \ Gary Wright 7pm, Cobo Arena
1976 Jan 26Kiss/ Rory Gallagher, Cobo Arena
1976 Feb 12Deep Purple / Nazareth, Cobo Arena
1976 Feb 19Cat Stevens, Cobo Arena
1976 Feb 29David Bowie, Detroit Olympia
1976 Mar 1David Bowie, Detroit Olympia
1976 Mar 10Journey, Ford Auditorium
1976 Mar 10Starcastle, Ford Auditorium
1976 Mar 10Dr. Feelgood, Ford Auditorium
1976 Mar 18Johnny Winter, Cobo Arena
1976 Mar 18Little Richard, Cobo Arena
1976 Mar 26Boston, Cobo Arena
1976 Apr 17America, Masonic Theater
1976 Apr 25Weather Report, Masonic Theater
1976 Apr 29The Tubes /Golden earring, Masonic Theater
1976 May 8Paul McCartney, Detroit Olympia
1976 May 10Bob Marley & the Wailers, Masonic Theater
1976 May 11Rush, Masonic Theater
1976 Jun 1Nazareth, Masonic Theater
1976 Jun 1UFO, Masonic Theater
1976 Aug 17Yes, Cobo Arena
1976 Oct 3The Grateful Dead, Cobo Arena
1976 Oct 29Manfred Mann / Starz, Masonic Theater
1976 Nov 19Frank Zappa, Cobo Hall
1976 Dec 1REO Speedwagon, Cobo Arena
1976 Dec 1Aerosmith, Cobo Arena
1976 Dec 2Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1976 Dec 6Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ford Auditorium
1976 Dec 27Foghat, Cobo Hall
1977 Jan 14Bob Seger, Cobo Hall
1977 Jan 17Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Cobo Hall
1977 Jan 18Queen / Thin Lizzy, Cobo Arena
1977 Jan 20Jethro Tull, Masonic Theater
1977 Feb 10Rush, Cobo Hall
1977 Feb 22Electric Light Orchestra, Cobo Arena
1977 Mar 25Iggy Pop, Masonic Theater
1977 Mar 27Iggy Pop, Masonic Theater
1977 Apr 22Elvis Presley, Olympia Stadium
1977 Apr 28The Kinks, Cobo Hall, WABX 10th Anniversary Concert
1977 May 6Nazareth, Cobo Arena
1977 May 6REO / Nazareth, Cobo Arena
1977 May 6REO Speedwagon, Cobo Arena
1977 May 31Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Cobo Arena
1977 Jun 1Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Cobo Hall
1977 Jun 14The Eagles, Olympia Stadium
1977 Jun 23Mahogany Rush, Masonic Theater
1977 Aug 8alice cooper , Cobo Hall
1977 Aug 8Alice Cooper, Cobo Hall
1977 Aug 22Donovan, Cobo Arena
1977 Aug 22Yes, Cobo Arena
1977 Aug 22Yes / Donovan , Cobo Arena
1977 Sep 13Styx, Masonic Theater
1977 Sep 13Spirit, Masonic Theater
1977 Sep 13Cheap Trick, Masonic Theater
1977 Sep 24J. Geils Band / Rick Derringer, Cobo Arena
1977 Sep 30Frank Zappa, Cobo Hall
1977 Oct 2Aerosmith / Michael Stanley, Cobo Arena
1977 Oct 20Iggy Pop, Cobo Arena
1977 Oct 20The Ramones, Cobo Arena
1977 Oct 23Foreigner, Cobo Arena
1977 Oct 26Thin Lizzy, Masonic Theater
1977 Nov 1The Grateful Dead, Cobo Arena
1977 Nov 5Rod Stewart and the Faces, Cobo Arena
1977 Nov 18Queen, Cobo Arena, News of the World Tour
1977 Nov 18Queen / Cheap Trick, Cobo Arena
1977 Nov 23The Ramones, Masonic Theater
1977 Dec 15Rush / UFO, Cobo Arena
1977 Dec 15Rush, Cobo Hall
1977 Dec 27J. Geils Band / Edgar Winter, Cobo Arena
1978 Jan 19Wet Willie \ Marshall Tucker Band, Cobo Hall
1978 Jan 20KISS, Olympia Stadium
1978 Jan 27Sammy Hagar, Cobo Arena
1978 Jan 27Nazareth, Cobo Arena
1978 Feb 21Foghat / Starz, Cobo Arena
1978 Mar 2Dave Mason, Cobo Arena
1978 Mar 4Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Olympia Stadium
1978 Mar 4Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Detroit Olympia
1978 Mar 23ZZ Top, Cobo Arena
1978 Mar 28Eric Clapton, Cobo Arena
1978 Mar 31Mahogany Rush, Cobo Arena
1978 Mar 31Styx, Cobo Arena
1978 Apr 2Aerosmith, Masonic Theater
1978 Apr 5Roxy Music, Masonic Theater
1978 Apr 5Robert Gordon, Masonic Theater
1978 Apr 13REO / The Baby's, Cobo Arena
1978 Apr 20David Bowie, Cobo Arena
1978 Apr 21David Bowie, Cobo Arena
1978 Apr 21David Bowie, Cobo Hall
1978 Apr 25Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Masonic Theater
1978 Apr 25Lou Reed, Masonic Theater
1978 May 23Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Cobo Arena
1978 May 23Bob Seger, Cobo Arena
1978 May 24Bob Seger, Cobo Arena
1978 May 25Bob Seger, Cobo Arena
1978 Jun 4Bob Marley & the Wailers, Masonic Theater
1978 Jun 16Ted Nugent, Cobo Arena
1978 Jul 6The Rolling Stones, Masonic Theater
1978 Jul 12Journey / Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Cobo Arena
1978 Sep 1Bruce Springsteen, Masonic Theater
1978 Sep 14Black Sabbath / Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1978 Sep 14Black Sabbath, Cobo Hall
1978 Sep 14Van Halen, Cobo Hall
1978 Sep 21Yes, Detroit Olympia
1978 Sep 29Aerosmith, Cobo Hall
1978 Oct 13Bob Dylan, Detroit Olympia
1978 Oct 17Uriah Heep, Cobo Arena
1978 Oct 17Jethro Tull, Cobo Arena
1978 Oct 18Jethro Tull, Cobo Arena
1978 Oct 29Rockpile, Masonic Theater
1978 Oct 29Van Morrison, Masonic Theater
1978 Nov 9The Moody Blues, Olympia Stadium
1978 Nov 9The Moody Blues, Detroit Olympia
1978 Nov 14Foreigner / Sammy Hagar, Cobo Arena
1978 Nov 25Styx, Cobo Arena
1978 Nov 26Styx, Cobo Arena
1978 Dec 2Rush, Cobo Hall
1978 Dec 30Bruce Springsteen, Cobo Arena
1979 Feb 17Alice Cooper, Cobo Arena
1979 Feb 27Heart, Cobo Arena
1979 Mar 16Elvis Costello, Masonic Theater
1979 Mar 17Santana, Cobo Arena
1979 Mar 22Boston, Cobo Arena
1979 Apr 5Roxy Music, Masonic Theater
1979 Apr 6Roxy Music, Masonic Theater
1979 Apr 17The Tubes, Masonic Theater
1979 Apr 21Yes, Cobo Arena
1979 Apr 28The New Barbarians, Cobo Arena
1979 May 2Van Halen, Masonic Theater
1979 May 17Ten Years Later, Cobo Arena
1979 May 20Supertramp, Cobo Arena
1979 May 29Journey, Cobo Arena
1979 May 29Graham Parker and the Rumor, Cobo Arena
1979 Jul 14Devo, Masonic Theater
1979 Jul 24Blondie, Masonic Theater
1979 Jul 24Rockpile, Masonic Theater
1979 Aug 4The Cars, Cobo Arena
1979 Aug 10The Kinks, Cobo Arena
1979 Aug 27Rush, Cobo Hall
1979 Aug 28Rush, Cobo Hall
1979 Sep 2Ted Nugent, Cobo Arena
1979 Sep 17David Johansen, Masonic Theater
1979 Sep 17The Clash, Masonic Theater
1979 Sep 21Blue Oyster Cult, Cobo Arena
1979 Sep 21Ritchie Blackmore , Cobo Arena
1979 Oct 2Stanley Clarke, Masonic Theater
1979 Oct 3The Knack, Masonic Theater
1979 Oct 24Jethro Tull, Detroit Olympia
1979 Nov 1Talking Heads, Masonic Theater
1979 Nov 1The Talking Heads, Masonic Theater
1979 Nov 10Bob Marley & the Wailers, Masonic Theater
1979 Nov 14Iggy Pop, Masonic Theater
1979 Nov 30The Who, Masonic Theater
1980 Jan 12Rush, Cobo Hall
1980 Feb 19Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1980 Mar 10The Clash, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Mar 20Iggy Pop, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Mar 23The Ramones, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Mar 31The Pretenders, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Apr 26Van Halen, Cobo Hall
1980 Apr 27Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1980 Apr 28Public Image Ltd., Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Apr 30The Pretenders, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 May 17Journey / The Babys, Cobo Arena
1980 May 17Journey, Cobo Arena
1980 May 23Fleetwood Mac, Joe Louis Arena
1980 May 24Nazareth, Cobo Arena
1980 May 24Fleetwood Mac, Joe Louis Arena
1980 May 26Johnny Winter, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Jun 8Heart, Cobo Arena
1980 Jun 9Heart, Cobo Arena
1980 Jun 20Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Cobo Arena
1980 Jun 21Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Cobo Arena
1980 Jul 12Plasmatics, Masonic Theater
1980 Jul 14Devo, Motor City Roller Rink
1980 Jul 23The Cramps, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Aug 8Alice Cooper, Joe Louis Arena
1980 Sep 19Yes, Cobo Arena
1980 Sep 20The Plasmatics, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 22Iggy Pop, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 23Iggy Pop, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 23The Cadillac Kidz, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 24Iggy Pop, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 25Iggy Pop, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 26The Mutants, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 26Iggy Pop, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 27Iggy Pop, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Sep 27AC/DC, Cobo Arena
1980 Oct 9Bruce Springsteen, Cobo Hall
1980 Oct 12The English Beat, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Oct 16Jeff Beck, Cobo Arena
1980 Oct 18The Jeff Beck Group, Cobo Arena
1980 Oct 25B-52s, Masonic Theater
1980 Nov 1Martha and the Muffins, Bookie's Club 870
1980 Nov 23The Police, Masonic Theater
1980 Nov 26Frank Zappa, Masonic Theater
1981 Mar 13Rush, Cobo Arena
1981 Mar 13Rush, Cobo Hall
1981 Mar 14Rush, Cobo Arena
1981 Mar 14Rush, Cobo Hall
1981 Mar 15Rush, Cobo Hall
1981 Mar 15Rush, Cobo Arena
1981 Mar 25Styx, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Mar 27REO Speedwagon, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Apr 18U2, Harpos
1981 Jul 3Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1981 Jul 4Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1981 Jul 5Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1981 Jul 7David Johansen, Nitro
1981 Jul 10Alice Cooper \ Spider \ Joe Perry Project, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Jul 14The Psychedelic Furs, Nitro
1981 Aug 11Bruce Springsteen, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Aug 11Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Aug 12Bruce Springsteen, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Aug 24The Fleshtones, Bookie's Club 870
1981 Sep 27Duran Duran, Nitro
1981 Oct 3Triumph, Cobo Arena
1981 Oct 23Blue Oyster Cult / Foghat, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Oct 30Jim Spreece, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Oct 30The Moody Blues, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Oct 31Nazareth, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Nov 1Greg Kihn Band, Cobo Arena
1981 Nov 1Jefferson Starship, Cobo Arena
1981 Nov 4Electric Light Orchestra, Joe Louis Arena
1981 Nov 9King Crimson, Nitro
1981 Nov 14AC/DC, Cobo Arena
1981 Nov 16AC/DC, Cobo Arena
1981 Nov 18Genesis, Cobo Arena
1981 Nov 25Frank Zappa, Cobo Hall
1982 Jan 24Rod Stewart, Joe Louis Arena
1982 Feb 8Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhodes, Cobo Arena
1982 Feb 20Rick Springfield, Grand Circus Park
1982 Mar 10UFO, Harpos
1982 Mar 13The Guess Who, Harpos
1982 Aug 13Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1982 Aug 14Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1982 Aug 15Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1982 Aug 16The Clash, Grand Circus Park
1982 Sep 18Fleetwood Mac, Joe Louis Arena
1982 Sep 19Fleetwood Mac, Joe Louis Arena
1982 Nov 7Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1982 Nov 8Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1982 Nov 10Billy Joel, Joe Louis Arena
1982 Nov 27Aerosmith, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Feb 19Neil Young, Cobo Arena
1983 Feb 23KISS, Cobo Arena
1983 Mar 31Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Apr 14Kinks/Jon Butcher Axis, Cobo Arena
1983 May 15Roxy Music, Cobo Hall
1983 Jun 23Journey, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jun 24Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, St. Andrew's Hall
1983 Jun 24Journey, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jun 25Journey, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jul 23Stevie Nicks, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jul 23Joe Walsh, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jul 28The Police, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jul 30David Bowie, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Jul 31David Bowie, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Sep 3Robert Plant, Joe Louis Arena, ( Phil Collins on Drums ) Principle of Moments Tour
1983 Sep 10Supertramp, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Nov 14Genesis, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Nov 17AC/DC, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Dec 2Heart, Joe Louis Arena
1983 Dec 2Kansas, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Feb 18KISS/Vandenberg/Heaven, Cobo Arena
1984 Mar 4 Yes, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Mar 23John Kay & Steppenwolf/ Dagger, Harpos
1984 Mar 28Accept/ Seduce/Snair, Harpos
1984 Apr 5Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1984 Apr 6Van Halen, Cobo Arena
1984 Jun 23Gary Moore, Harpos
1984 Jul 9Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Jul 30Bruce Springsteen, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Jul 31Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Jul 31Bruce Springsteen, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Aug 4Randy Hansen, Harpos
1984 Sep 1Y & T / Seduce, Harpos
1984 Nov 3Jethro Tull, Joe Louis Arena
1984 Nov 18Robin Trower, Harpos
1984 Nov 18Slayer, Blondies
1984 Nov 19Slayer, Blondies
1984 Dec 8U2/ Waterboys, Fox Theatre
1985 Jan 12Aerosmith, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Jan 18Dio, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Mar 11Deep Purple, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Mar 16The Ramones, Traxx
1985 Mar 19Roger Waters, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Mar 23U2, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Apr 5Angel City, Harpos
1985 Apr 27Raven, Harpos
1985 Aug 4NOFX, Blondies
1985 Sep 19AC/DC, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Nov 2Dio, Joe Louis Arena
1985 Dec 7Metal Church, Blondies
1985 Dec 14Motorhead, Harpos
1986 Jan 15Poison, Blondies
1986 Feb 9Heart, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Mar 28Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Apr 4Ozzy Osbourne/Metallica, Joe Louis Arena
1986 May 1Brian Setzer, Harpos
1986 May 2The Firm, Joe Louis Arena
1986 May 9Van Halen, Joe Louis Arena
1986 May 10Van Halen/BTO, Joe Louis Arena
1986 May 10Van Halen, Joe Louis Arena
1986 May 11Van Halen, Joe Louis Arena
1986 May 22Aerosmith, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Jun 5Voivod, Blondies
1986 Jul 5Celtic Frost, Blondies
1986 Jul 6Celtic Frost, Blondies
1986 Jul 6Voivod, Blondies
1986 Jul 9GTR, State Theatre
1986 Jul 25Nuclear Assault, Blondies
1986 Jul 26King Diamond, Blondies
1986 Jul 26Megadeth, Blondies
1986 Aug 9Judas Priest/Krokus, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Aug 30Billy Cobham, Chene Park Music Theatre
1986 Sep 11AC/DC, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Sep 18Genesis, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Sep 20Genesis, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Oct 11Neil Young, Cobo Arena
1986 Oct 20Ian Hunter, Harpos
1986 Oct 30Motorhead, Harpos
1986 Nov 7Billy Joel, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Nov 8Billy Joel, Joe Louis Arena
1986 Nov 17Peter Gabriel, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Mar 3Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band/GA.Sats, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Mar 13Shooting Star, Harpos
1987 Apr 22Eric Clapton, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Apr 22Phil Collins, Joe Louis Arena
1987 May 8Bad Company, Joe Louis Arena
1987 May 8Deep Purple, Joe Louis Arena
1987 May 27Bon Jovi/Cinderella, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Jul 8Boston with Farrenheit warm up band, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Jul 8Ace Frehely/White Lion, Harpos
1987 Jul 9Boston/Farrenheit, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Jul 10Boston, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Aug 21The Cult/Guns-n-Roses, State Theatre
1987 Oct 3Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Oct 31Alice Cooper, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Nov 2Def Leppard/Tesla, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Nov 8John Mellencamp, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Nov 27Jethro Tull, Cobo Arena
1987 Dec 5Aerosmith, Joe Louis Arena
1987 Dec 31Ted Nugent, Cobo Arena
1988 Feb 13Whitesnake, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Feb 13Whitesnake/Great White, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Feb 19Sting, Masonic Theater
1988 Feb 21Megadeth, Cobo Arena
1988 Feb 21Dio, Cobo Arena
1988 Feb 21Savatage, Cobo Arena
1988 Mar 4Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Mar 5Rush, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Mar 28Bruce Springsteen, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Mar 29Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Mar 29Bruce Springsteen, Joe Louis Arena
1988 May 30AC/DC, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Jun 3Living Colour/ Chesterfield Kings, St. Andrew's Hall
1988 Jul 10Whitesnake, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Oct 22Rock City Angels, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Oct 22Jimmy Page, Joe Louis Arena
1988 Nov 5Devo, Harpos
1988 Nov 11Eddie Money, Masonic Theater
1988 Nov 18Voivod, Blondies
1988 Dec 6Stevie Wonder, Fox Theatre
1988 Dec 8Keith Richards/Colin James, Fox Theatre
1989 Jan 4Lou Reed, Fox Theatre
1989 Apr 5R.E.M., Cobo Arena
1989 Apr 8Dark Angel, Blondies
1989 Apr 8Death, Blondies
1989 May 2M.O.D., Blondies
1989 May 2Laaz Rockit, Blondies
1989 May 5Cro-Mags, Blondies
1989 May 5Destruction, Blondies
1989 Jun 17Forbidden, Blondies
1989 Jun 17Exodus, Blondies
1989 Jul 15B-52s, Cobo Hall
1989 Jul 29Dangerous Toys, Blondies
1989 Jul 31Mucky Pup, Blondies
1989 Aug 5Cub Koda, Blondies
1989 Aug 8Sacred Reich, Blondies
1989 Aug 8Forbidden, Blondies
1989 Aug 13Social Distortion, St. Andrew's Hall
1989 Aug 18Faith No More, Blondies
1989 Sep 16Coroner, Blondies
1989 Sep 16Kreator, Blondies
1989 Sep 20Goo Goo Dolls, Blondies
1989 Sep 27Ezo, Blondies
1989 Oct 14Lizzy Borden, Blondies
1989 Oct 15Burnt Offering, Blondies
1989 Oct 20Lillian Axe, Blondies
1989 Nov 3Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Cobo Arena
1989 Nov 3Jeff Beck, Cobo Arena
1989 Nov 3Crimson Glory, Blondies
1989 Nov 17Sepultura, Blondies
1989 Nov 30The B-52's, Fox Theatre
1990 Feb 2The Mighty Lemon Drops, St. Andrew's Hall
1990 Mar 3Death, Blondies
1990 Mar 16Nine Inch Nails, Latin Quarter
1990 Apr 6Fates Warning, Blondies
1990 Apr 6Sanctuary, Blondies
1990 Apr 27Coroner, Blondies
1990 Jun 16Cro-Mags, Blondies
1990 Jun 30TSOL, Blondies
1990 Jun 30Trouble, Blondies
1990 Jul 22Poco, Chene Park Music Theatre
1990 Jul 28Nine Inch Nails, St. Andrew's Hall
1990 Aug 3Little Feat, Chene Park Music Theatre
1990 Aug 3John Hiatt, Chene Park Music Theatre
1990 Aug 18Santana, Fox Theatre
1990 Aug 30Death Angel, Blondies
1990 Aug 30Forbidden, Blondies
1990 Sep 14Pestilence, Blondies
1990 Sep 14Death, Blondies
1990 Sep 28Flotsam and Jetsam, Blondies
1991 Sep 20Public Enemy, State Theatre
1991 Sep 20Primus, State Theatre
1991 Sep 20Anthrax, State Theatre
1991 Sep 20Young Black Teenagers, State Theatre
1991 Nov 22Red Hot Chili Peppers, State Theatre
1991 Nov 22Pearl Jam, State Theatre
1991 Nov 23Red Hot Chili Peppers, State Theatre
1991 Nov 23Pearl Jam, State Theatre
1991 Dec 4Tin Machine, State Theatre
1992 Mar 14Tommy James, Fox Theatre
1992 Apr 3Pearl Jam, St. Andrew's Hall
1992 May 20Neil Young, Fox Theatre
1992 Dec 31Jackyl, Cobo Arena
1992 Dec 31Ted Nugent, Cobo Arena
1992 Dec 31Damn Yankees, Cobo Arena
1993 Sep 10The Offspring, St. Andrew's Hall
1993 Sep 25Rod Stewart, Tiger Stadium
1993 Nov 5Robert Plant , Fox Theatre
1994 Feb 8Missing Persons/BOZZIO, I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB
1994 Mar 19Pearl Jam, Masonic Theater
1994 Jul 13Eagles, Tiger Stadium
1994 Aug 3Big Drill Car, St. Andrew's Hall
1994 Aug 3The Offspring, St. Andrew's Hall
1994 Aug 3Guttermouth, St. Andrew's Hall
1994 Nov 5Sugar , St. Andrew's Hall
1995 Feb 2A Flock of Seagulls, I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB
1995 Apr 21Korn, State Theatre
1995 Apr 21Marilyn Manson, State Theatre
1995 Apr 21Danzig, State Theatre
1995 Jun 6Trouble, Blondies
1995 Sep 12Supergrass, St. Andrew's Hall
1996 Jan 10Bruce Springsteen, Fox Theatre
1996 Jan 11Bruce Springsteen, Fox Theatre
1996 Mar 16Maria McKee/ James Hall, St. Andrew's Hall
1996 Apr 30Son Volt, The Majestic Theater
1996 Jun 28KISS, Tiger Stadium
1996 Oct 31Ozzy Osbourne, State Theatre, Ozzfest
1996 Nov 9Motorhead, I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB
1997 May 21Built to Spill, St. Andrew's Hall
1997 Aug 20Joe Walsh, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 1997 Michigan State Fair
1997 Sep 21David Bowie, State Theatre
1997 Sep 22David Bowie, State Theatre
1997 Nov 12The Wrens, The Majestic Theater
1998 Mar 1The Aquabats, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 1Primus, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 1Blink-182, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 1Long Beach Dub Allstars, State Theatre, SnoCore Tour
1998 Aug 29Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 1998 Michigan State Fair
1998 Dec 4The Offspring, St. Andrew's Hall
1999 May 19Neil Young, Fox Theatre
1999 Nov 10Bryan Ferry, Detroit Opera House
1999 Nov 17Primus, State Theatre
1999 Nov 17Incubus, State Theatre
1999 Nov 17Buckethead, State Theatre
2000 Sep 3Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2000 Michigan State Fair
2001 May 21David Byrne, St. Andrew's Hall
2002 Feb 5Mitch Ryder, I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB
2002 Feb 10Belle and Sebastian, State Theatre
2002 May 28Goo Goo Dolls, State Theatre
2002 Sep 2Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2002 Michigan State Fair
2002 Oct 12The Rolling Stones, Ford Field
2002 Dec 13Aerosmith, Joe Louis Arena
2003 Aug 15KISS, Comerica Park
2003 Aug 15Aerosmith, Comerica Park
2003 Sep 7Aerosmith, Comerica Park
2003 Sep 7KISS, Comerica Park
2003 Sep 21Bruce Springsteen, Comerica Park
2004 Feb 25Thin Lizzy, State Theatre
2004 Feb 25Deep Purple, State Theatre
2004 Mar 19The Australian Pink Floyd Show, State Theatre
2004 May 14The Offspring, State Theatre
2004 Jul 10Van Halen, Joe Louis Arena
2004 Aug 16Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2004 Michigan State Fair
2004 Oct 3John Fogerty, Cobo Arena
2004 Oct 3Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Cobo Arena, Vote For Change Tour
2004 Oct 3R.E.M., Cobo Arena, Vote For Change Tour
2004 Nov 20John Fogerty, State Theatre
2004 Nov 24The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Detroit Opera House
2005 Apr 25Bruce Springsteen, Fox Theatre
2005 May 12Sammy Hagar, Fox Theatre
2005 Jul 2New York Dolls, Grand Circus Park
2005 Aug 21Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2005 Michigan State Fair
2005 Oct 27The Black Crowes, State Theatre
2005 Nov 3The Australian Pink Floyd Show, State Theatre
2006 Jan 22BB King, Fox Theatre
2006 Feb 3Kid Rock, Joe Louis Arena
2006 Aug 24Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2006 Michigan State Fair
2006 Sep 1The Temptations, Detroit Jazz Festival
2006 Sep 3Richie Havens, Detroit Jazz Festival
2006 Sep 3joan osborne, Detroit Jazz Festval
2006 Nov 30The Australian Pink Floyd Show, State Theatre
2006 Dec 1Hinder, Joe Louis Arena
2006 Dec 1Aerosmith, Joe Louis Arena
2007 Mar 13Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Joe Louis Arena
2007 Mar 17Bob Seger, Cobo Arena
2007 Apr 13Iggy & the Stooges, Fox Theatre
2007 May 12Heaven & Hell, Cobo Arena
2007 Sep 3Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2007 Michigan State Fair
2007 Oct 20Van Halen, Joe Louis Arena
2007 Nov 2Sammy Hagar, Fox Theatre
2007 Nov 10Neil Young, Fox Theatre
2008 Feb 8Kid Rock, Joe Louis Arena
2008 Feb 16Linkin Park, Joe Louis Arena
2008 Jun 4Stone Temple Pilots, Fillmore Detroit
2008 Jun 10Rush, Joe Louis Arena
2008 Jul 3The Zombies
2008 Aug 23Def Leppard/ REO Speedwagon/ Styx, Joe Louis Arena
2008 Aug 27Alice Cooper, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2008 Michigan State Fair
2008 Aug 29The Temptations
2008 Nov 29Candlebox, Blondies
2008 Dec 6The Black Crowes, Fillmore Detroit
2008 Dec 31Faster Pussycat, Blondies
2008 Dec 31Barenaked Ladies, Fox Theatre
2009 Jan 21Royal Bliss, Blondies
2009 Feb 28Saving Abel, Blondies
2009 Apr 11L.A. Guns, Blondies
2009 Sep 3Lillian Axe, Blondies
2009 Sep 4KRS-One, Blondies
2009 Sep 5Steely Dan, MotorCity Casino
2009 Sep 5ZZ Top, Fillmore Detroit
2009 Sep 7Billy Squier, Michigan State Fair Band Shell, 2009 Michigan State Fair
2009 Sep 17Alice in Chains, St. Andrew's Hall
2009 Sep 25KISS, Cobo Arena
2009 Sep 25Buckcherry, Cobo Arena
2009 Sep 26KISS, Cobo Hall
2009 Sep 26Buckcherry, Cobo Arena
2009 Sep 26KISS, Cobo Arena
2009 Sep 26Rehearsal: Buckcherry, Blondies
2009 Oct 7Revolting Cocks, Blondies
2009 Oct 8Them Crooked Vultures, Fillmore Detroit
2009 Oct 10Great White, Blondies
2009 Oct 21Our Lady Peace, Fillmore Detroit
2009 Oct 31Type O Negative, Harpos
2009 Nov 13Genitorturers, Blondies
2009 Nov 14Wolfmother, Fillmore Detroit
2009 Nov 18Phish, Cobo Arena
2009 Nov 20Gary Hoey, Blondies
2009 Nov 24The Cranberries, Fillmore Detroit
2009 Dec 5D.R.I., Blondies
2010 Jan 22Frijid Pink, Blondies
2010 Feb 19Patti Smith , St. Andrew's Hall
2010 Feb 20Yes, MotorCity Casino
2010 Mar 6W.A.S.P., Harpos
2010 Mar 18Our Lady Peace, Fillmore Detroit
2010 Mar 19Alice in Chains, Fillmore Detroit
2010 Apr 14Jethro Tull, Cobo Hall
2010 Apr 24The Warehouse Band, Blondies, Warehouse Rock Band 25th Year Reunion
2010 May 22The Buzzcocks, St. Andrew's Hall
2010 Jun 18Moody Blues, Fox Theatre
2010 Oct 21Social Distortion, Fillmore Detroit
2011 Feb 19Malevolent Creation, I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB
2011 Apr 21Sabaton, Blondies
2011 Apr 21Accept, Blondies
2011 May 7Destruction, Harpos
2011 Jun 1Marduk, I-ROCK NIGHTCLUB
2011 Jul 15The Guess Who
2011 Jul 16Steely Dan, Fox Theatre
2011 Jul 24Paul McCartney , Comerica Park
2011 Jul 29Grand Funk Railroad
2011 Aug 12Kid Rock/ Sammy Hagar, Comerica Park
2011 Oct 6Bush, Fillmore Detroit
2011 Oct 6Filter, Fillmore Detroit
2011 Oct 6Chevelle, Fillmore Detroit
2011 Oct 15Smashing Pumpkins, Fillmore Detroit
2011 Nov 18Paul Simon, Fox Theatre
2012 Feb 24Jane's Addiction, Fillmore Detroit
2012 Mar 8Stone Temple Pilots, Fox Theatre
2012 Apr 7Our Lady Peace, St. Andrew's Hall
2012 Jul 29George Thorogood & The Destroyers, MotorCity Casino
2013 Apr 20 Yes, Fox Theatre
2013 Nov 16Blues Traveller, St. Andrew's Hall
2014 Apr 6Noveller, The Majestic Theater
2014 Apr 6St. Vincent, The Majestic Theater
2014 Dec 5Slayer, Fillmore Detroit
2014 Dec 5Suicidal Tendencies, Fillmore Detroit
2014 Dec 5Exodus, Fillmore Detroit
2015 May 3The Replacements, Fillmore Detroit
2015 Sep 8AC/DC, Ford Field
2015 Oct 17The Who, Joe Louis Arena

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