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Classic Rock Concerts

Tampa, Florida, United States

map of Tampa and surrounding area
map of Tampa and surrounding area

Births & deaths in Tampa

David Sanborn born July 30, 1945

Who has been to Tampa (83 total)

RIpitout78 64 times
Oceang1 2 times
flamks 10 times
DT 3 times
stranny 4 times
mmarovitch 3 times
mscorl 6 times
McDaddy 2 times
Dynasty79 108 times
fugitive247 2 times
bintampa 1 time
tampa77 1 time
cgullstrand 1 time
Susie 1 time
Bear 1 time
pkb76d 2 times
TheJudge 1 time
stievenb 5 times
baywolf2404 2 times
Renfield13 1 time
trailgail 1 time
slick1ru2 4 times
MetalMaiden 2 times
MarkTheSpark 2 times
marvinmelvin 20 times
samtrey 2 times
RRJackson 118 times
skydog 3 times
WFTMom 1 time
lindav 9 times
adamsrw 1 time
cc4600 17 times
spcwrg24 8 times
jonmerrill 1 time
Mike69 1 time
mandrake1811 4 times
outfield13 1 time
coalyard3627 4 times
Dmcoxfree 3 times
taiko46 40 times
Deathmagnet 1 time
kelygirl1987 1 time
PETERGEHRIS1963 11 times
Bloodstorm 2 times
gr6y6f6fn 20 times
raredude32622 1 time
interactiveguy 10 times
Saint1111 2 times
oldbastard59 39 times
fishinmyheart 2 times
Flabeer 1 time
SLB 2 times
FEdward 11 times
adriane61 1 time
powerage 1 time
CHS1990 1 time
chrisclause 2 times
daviddio 1 time
southbound 24 times
Porchdog64 2 times
dragonslayer212 2 times
JavaJohn 6 times
FeedMeRockNRoll 9 times
Chitown13 16 times
keithd62 6 times
impasto 1 time
johninga 11 times
TerraceYouth 147 times
lrmann50 2 times
newcollegehead 1 time
blacky53 7 times
anhisr 18 times
rwb8551 3 times
ridmacmusic 1 time
BoltsFan 46 times
bondbondjames 1 time
jennyanydotz 8 times
scottv69 2 times
OS46720 1 time
borfo 1 time
bizbrain1 1 time
davey428 2 times

Venues in Tampa

The Agora Ballroom 2 concerts
Amalie Arena 134 concerts
The Brass Mug 1 concert
Busch Gardens 10 concerts
Cuban Club 1 concert
Curtis Hixon Hall 75 concerts
Expo Hall 49 concerts
Florida Expo Park 8 concerts
Florida State Fairgrounds (old) 3 concerts
Frankie's Patio 6 concerts
Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory 6 concerts
Guavaween 5 concerts
Jai -Alai Fronton 10 concerts
Killian's Rock Cafe 1 concert
The London Victory Club 3 concerts
Mark Twain Lounge 1 concert
The Masquerade 7 concerts
MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre 63 concerts
Raymond James Stadium 2 concerts
The Ritz 13 concerts
The Rock-It Club 5 concerts
The Rubb 6 concerts
Skipper's Smokehouse 2 concerts
Sun Dome 114 concerts
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center 27 concerts
Tampa Stadium 105 concerts
Tampa Theatre 27 concerts
Tracks 1 concert
Treasureland 1 concert
University of South Florida 7 concerts
USF Soccer Field (old) 4 concerts
USF Special Events Center 1 concert
Zephyrhills Festival Park 20 concerts

Other cities near Tampa

Brandon 2 venues 3 concerts
Wesley Chapel
Pinellas Park 2 venues 8 concerts
Clearwater 7 venues 150 concerts
St. Petersburg 14 venues 276 concerts
Plant City 1 venue 2 concerts
Largo 1 venue 8 concerts
Tarpon Springs 1 venue 1 concert
New Port Richey 3 venues 3 concerts

Concerts in Tampa [add one]

1968 Mar 22The Who
1968 May 16Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Hixon Hall
1968 Nov 23Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Hixon Hall
1969 Jun 15James Brown, Tampa Stadium
1970 Jan 24Steppenwolf, Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory
1970 Mar 21Santana, Curtis Hixon Hall
1970 Apr 9Led Zeppelin, Curtis Hixon Hall
1970 Jun 7Steppenwolf / Rare Earth, Curtis Hixon Hall
1970 Jul 10 chambers brothers, Curtis Hixon Hall
1970 Sep 13Elvis Presley, Curtis Hixon Hall
1970 Oct 10Steve Miller Band/Crow, Curtis Hixon Hall
1971 May 8John Mayall , Curtis Hixon Hall
1971 May 22The Allman Brothers Band, University of South Florida
1971 Sep 26Sly and The Family Stone, Curtis Hixon Hall
1971 Oct 31Isaac Hayes, Curtis Hixon Hall
1971 Nov 28Cat Stevens, Curtis Hixon Hall
1972 Jan 30Quicksilver/Big Brother and The Holding Co., Curtis Hixon Hall
1972 Mar 25Joe Cocker, Tampa Stadium
1972 Mar 25Magi and Jerry Lockran, Tampa Stadium
1972 Apr 30Free, Tampa Stadium
1972 Apr 30Rod Stewart and the Faces, Tampa Stadium
1972 Jun 2Big Brother & Holding Co., Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory
1972 Jun 2Spirit, Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory
1972 Jun 2Blue Oyster Cult, Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory
1972 Jun 2REO Speedwagon , Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory
1972 Jun 29The Allman Brothers Band, Curtis Hixon Hall
1972 Jul 1Three Dog Night, Tampa Stadium
1972 Jul 1Bang and the Buddy Miles Band, Tampa Stadium
1972 Jul 1Humble Pie, Tampa Stadium
1972 Aug 4Jeff Beck, POCO, ARGENT, Curtis Hixon Hall
1972 Dec 17Humble Pie, Curtis Hixon Hall
1973 Mar 10Leon Russell and The Nashville Grass Band, Tampa Stadium
1973 Mar 24Santana, Tampa Stadium
1973 May 5Led Zeppelin, Tampa Stadium
1973 May 5Led Zepplin, Tampa Stadium
1973 May 26Chicago, Tampa Stadium
1973 May 26Steely Dan, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 16Blue Oyster Cult, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 16Family, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 16Billy Preston, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 16ZZ Top, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 16Savoy Brown, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 16Deep Purple, Tampa Stadium
1973 Jun 29Pink Floyd, Tampa Stadium
1973 Aug 5The J. Geils Band, Curtis Hixon Hall
1973 Oct 12Joe Walsh/Slade, Curtis Hixon Hall
1973 Dec 8Wet Willie, Tampa Stadium
1973 Dec 8The Allman Brothers Band, Tampa Stadium
1973 Dec 9The Allman Brothers Band, Tampa Stadium
1973 Dec 9Wet Willie, Tampa Stadium
1973 Dec 19The Grateful Dead, Curtis Hixon Hall
1973 Dec 22Alice Cooper, Tampa Stadium, Billion Dollar Babies Tour
1974 Feb 9Yes, Tampa Stadium, Tales from Topograhic Oceans
1974 Feb 9 Yes, Tampa Stadium
1974 Feb 17Spooky Tooth, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Feb 17Humble Pie, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Feb 17Montrose, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Mar 2Todd Rundgren, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Mar 17Chicago, Tampa Stadium
1974 Mar 30Grand Funk Railroad, Tampa Stadium
1974 Mar 30Wet Willie, Tampa Stadium
1974 Apr 19King Crimson, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 May 4The J. Geils Band, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 May 11Procol Harum, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Jul 2David Bowie, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Jul 21ZZ Top, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Aug 23Jesse Colin Young, Tampa Stadium
1974 Aug 23Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Tampa Stadium
1974 Sep 20Aerosmith, Expo Hall
1974 Oct 3Golden Earring, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Oct 3Santana, Curtis Hixon Hall
1974 Oct 31White Witch, Treasureland
1975 Mar 2Spirit, Curtis Hixon Hall
1975 Apr 5Baker Gurvitz Army, Tampa Stadium
1975 Apr 5The Marshall Tucker Band, Tampa Stadium
1975 Apr 5The Doobie Brothers, Tampa Stadium
1975 Apr 5The Outlaws, Tampa Stadium
1975 Apr 26Elvis Presley, Curtis Hixon Hall, Two Shows at 2.30pm and 8.30pm
1975 May 18Robin Trower/Golden Earring, Curtis Hixon Hall
1975 May 31Linda Ronstadt, Tampa Stadium
1975 May 31The Charlie Daniels Band, Tampa Stadium
1975 May 31Eagles, Tampa Stadium
1975 May 31Seals & Crofts, Tampa Stadium
1975 Jun 14Eric Clapton, Tampa Stadium
1975 Jun 14Santana, Tampa Stadium
1975 Jul 5KISS, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Jul 5War, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Jul 5The Marshall Tucker Band, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Jul 5ZZ Top, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Jul 5Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Jul 5Pure Prairie League, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Jul 5Johnny Winter with Rick Derringer, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Florida Jam
1975 Nov 14Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band, University of South Florida
1976 Mar 5David Peel & The Plastic Apple band, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 Apr 21Bob Dylan & Rolling Thunder, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 May 2Weather Report, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 May 6The Jesse Colin Young Band, USF Soccer Field (old)
1976 May 6Loundon Wainwrite, III, USF Soccer Field (old)
1976 Jun 25Pousette-Dart Band, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jun 26Yes, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jun 26The Charlie Daniels Band, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jun 26The J. Geils Band, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jul 4Dan Fogelberg , Tampa Stadium
1976 Jul 4Loggins & Messina , Tampa Stadium
1976 Jul 4Eagles, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jul 4Fleetwood Mac, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jul 31Jethro Tull, Tampa Stadium, .
1976 Jul 31Point Blank, Tampa Stadium
1976 Jul 31Robin Trower, Tampa Stadium, Opened for Jethro Tull
1976 Sep 2Elvis Presley, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 Oct 14Frank Zappa, Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory
1976 Oct 16Spirit, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 Oct 16Jay Ferguson, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 Nov 20Buckacre, USF Soccer Field (old)
1976 Nov 20The Outlaws, USF Soccer Field (old)
1976 Dec 4Jeff Beck, Curtis Hixon Hall
1976 Dec 4Tommy Bolin, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Jan 14Foghat, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Jan 14Blackfoot, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Apr 24Pink Floyd, Tampa Stadium
1977 Jun 3Led Zeppelin , Tampa Stadium
1977 Jun 3Led Zeppelin, Tampa Stadium
1977 Jul 1Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Tampa Stadium, Works Tour
1977 Sep 30Mahogany Rush, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Sep 30stillwater, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Sep 30Rex, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Oct 1Heart, Curtis Hixon Hall, "Little Queen Tour"
1977 Oct 1Sanford - Townsend Band, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Oct 28Billy Joel, Jai -Alai Fronton
1977 Dec 18Starcastle, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Dec 18Todd Rundgren, Curtis Hixon Hall
1977 Dec 18Robin Trower, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Mar 24Head East, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Mar 24Pat Travers, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Mar 24Rush, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Apr 6The Grateful Dead, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Apr 22Journey, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Apr 22Van Halen, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Apr 22Montrose, Curtis Hixon Hall
1978 Aug 19Tampa Jam I, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Tampa Jam I
1978 Aug 19Alvin Lee, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Tampa Jam I
1978 Aug 19Seals & Crofts, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Tampa Jam I
1978 Aug 19Joe Cocker, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Tampa Jam I
1978 Aug 19Black Oak Arkansas, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Tampa Jam I
1978 Aug 19Atlanta Rhythm Section, Florida State Fairgrounds (old), Tampa Jam I
1978 Sep 15Michael Stanley Band, Jai -Alai Fronton
1978 Sep 15Dave Mason, Jai -Alai Fronton
1978 Nov 25Molly Hatchet, Jai -Alai Fronton
1979 Feb 16Santana, Eddie Money, Curtis Hixon Hall
1979 Mar 11Rush / UFO, Curtis Hixon Hall
1979 Jun 7Mahogany Rush, Curtis Hixon Hall
1979 Jun 7Nazareth, Curtis Hixon Hall
1979 Dec 1Atlanta Rhythm Section, Curtis Hixon Hall
1979 Dec 1Henry Paul Band, Curtis Hixon Hall
1980 Jan 11The Straightjackets, Tampa Theatre
1980 Jan 11Pat Benatar, Tampa Theatre
1980 Jan 26Eagles, Tampa Stadium
1980 Jan 26Jimmy Buffett, Tampa Stadium
1980 Mar 18Nick Danger & the Heat, Tampa Theatre
1980 Mar 18George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Tampa Theatre
1980 Mar 20Cheap Trick, Jai -Alai Fronton
1980 Apr 17Frank Zappa, Jai -Alai Fronton
1980 Aug 24The Kinks , Curtis Hixon Hall
1980 Aug 24LeRoux, Curtis Hixon Hall
1980 Aug 30Dave Mason, Tampa Theatre
1980 Oct 12Todd Rundgren/Ian Hunter, The Agora Ballroom, Benefit for John Anderson Campaign
1980 Dec 7Muddy Waters, The Agora Ballroom
1981 Mar 26George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Tampa Theatre
1981 Apr 4Santana, Curtis Hixon Hall
1981 Jun 4Pat Travers, Jai -Alai Fronton
1981 Sep 9Ozzy Osbourne (w/Randy Rhoads), Curtis Hixon Hall
1981 Sep 9Def Leppard, Curtis Hixon Hall
1981 Nov 11Grand Funk Railroad, Jai -Alai Fronton
1982 Mar 4Triumph, Jai -Alai Fronton
1982 Mar 28Jimmy Buffett, Sun Dome
1982 Aug 14Santana, Sun Dome
1982 Oct 12Elton John, Sun Dome
1982 Oct 31Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band, Sun Dome
1982 Nov 20Chicago, Sun Dome
1983 Feb 4Neil Young, Sun Dome
1983 Mar 19Golden Earring/SCANDAL, Curtis Hixon Hall
1983 Apr 1George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Tampa Theatre
1983 Apr 2Juice Newton, Tampa Theatre
1983 May 14The Charlie Daniels Band, Tampa Stadium, Rowdies vs Whitecaps (North American Soccer League game)
1983 Jun 22U2 and The Alarm, Curtis Hixon Hall
1983 Sep 13Alvin Lee, The London Victory Club
1983 Nov 5Hank Williams, Jr., Sun Dome
1984 Jan 21The Outlaws, Tampa Theatre
1984 Jan 22Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The London Victory Club
1984 Mar 7Rick Derringer, The London Victory Club
1984 May 16Night Ranger, Tampa Theatre
1984 May 20Motley Crue, Sun Dome
1984 May 20Ozzy Osbourne, Sun Dome
1984 May 24Golden Earring, The London Victory Club
1984 Aug 3Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Sun Dome
1984 Aug 3Huey Lewis & the News, Sun Dome
1984 Oct 5Rod Stewart, Sun Dome
1984 Oct 27Steve Taylor & Some Band, Tampa Theatre
1984 Nov 2John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, Tampa Theatre
1984 Nov 10Santana, Sun Dome
1984 Nov 24Pat Metheny, Tampa Theatre
1984 Dec 6Kenny Rogers, Sun Dome, Kenny Rogers & Crystal Gayle
1985 Feb 15Jimmy Buffett, Sun Dome
1985 Feb 19Daryl Hall and John Oates, Sun Dome
1985 Feb 28Eddie Murphy, Sun Dome
1985 May 2U2, Sun Dome
1985 Jun 21Sreve Taylor & Some Band, Expo Hall
1985 Jun 29Robert Plant, Expo Hall
1985 Jul 2Rick Springfield, Sun Dome
1985 Jul 5van zant, Expo Hall
1985 Jul 10Powerstation, Expo Hall
1985 Jul 12Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Sun Dome
1985 Aug 3Don Henley, Sun Dome
1985 Oct 18Chick Corea, Tampa Theatre
1985 Nov 5Stevie Ray Vaughn, Curtis Hixon Hall
1985 Nov 8Cheap Trick / John Waite, Sun Dome
1985 Nov 14Carmine Appice and King Kobra, Mark Twain Lounge
1985 Nov 29Stryper, Expo Hall
1985 Dec 7The Hooters, Tampa Stadium
1985 Dec 7Starship, Tampa Stadium
1985 Dec 7Secret Service, Tampa Stadium
1985 Dec 7The Danni Bennett Band, Tampa Stadium
1985 Dec 7Rod Stewart, Tampa Stadium
1986 Jan 7KISS, Sun Dome
1986 Jan 7W.A.S.P., Sun Dome
1986 Jan 24Hank Williams, Jr., Sun Dome
1986 Mar 14The Firm, Sun Dome
1986 Apr 22Heart, Sun Dome
1986 May 11Stevie Nicks, Sun Dome
1986 May 31Julian Lennon , Sun Dome
1986 Aug 8Santana, Jai -Alai Fronton
1986 Aug 29The Outlaws, Busch Gardens
1986 Aug 29Red Rider, Busch Gardens
1986 Sep 27The Moody Blues, Sun Dome
1986 Sep 27The Fixx, Sun Dome
1986 Dec 27Alice Cooper, Sun Dome
1987 Feb 28Billy Joel, Sun Dome
1987 Mar 7Ratt, Sun Dome
1987 Mar 7Poison, Sun Dome
1987 Mar 20Joe Walsh, Expo Hall
1987 Apr 5Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sun Dome, ten years after
1987 Apr 27Survivor, Sun Dome
1987 Jul 4Starship, Tampa Stadium, July 4th Concert
1987 Jul 4Whitney Houston, Tampa Stadium, !Moment of truth World Tour - Kick Off!
1987 Jul 4The Beach Boys, Tampa Stadium, July 4th Concert
1987 Jul 26Del Fuegos, Sun Dome
1987 Jul 26Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers , Sun Dome
1987 Jul 26The Georgia Satellites, Sun Dome
1987 Sep 19David Bowie, Tampa Stadium
1987 Sep 30Boston, Sun Dome
1987 Oct 30Pink Floyd, Tampa Stadium, A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour
1987 Nov 5Night Ranger, Sun Dome
1987 Nov 7Fleetwood Mac, Sun Dome
1987 Nov 8Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Sun Dome
1987 Dec 5U2, Tampa Stadium, Joshua Tree Tour
1987 Dec 17Celtic Frost, Expo Hall
1987 Dec 17Anthrax, Expo Hall
1987 Dec 17Exodus, Expo Hall
1987 Dec 18Heart, Sun Dome
1988 Jan 22Yes, Sun Dome
1988 Jan 23 Yes, Sun Dome
1988 Jan 28Dio, Sun Dome
1988 Mar 26Cheap Trick, Sun Dome
1988 Apr 26Iron Butterfly, Tampa Theatre
1988 Jun 5Metallica, Tampa Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jun 5Van Halen, Tampa Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jun 5Scorpions, Tampa Stadium, Monsters of Rock
1988 Jul 2Rod Stewart, Tampa Stadium, Budweiser's Super Rockfest II
1988 Jul 2Hall and Oats, Tampa Stadium, Budweiser's Super Rockfest II
1988 Jul 2Chicago, Tampa Stadium, Budweiser's Super Rockfest II
1988 Jul 8Icehouse, Expo Hall
1988 Jul 12Robert Plant, Expo Hall
1988 Jul 12Cheap Trick, Expo Hall
1988 Jul 12Robert Plant/Cheap Trick , Expo Hall
1988 Aug 6Iron Maiden, Sun Dome
1988 Aug 6Iron Maiden, Sun Dome
1988 Aug 19Atheist, Expo Hall
1988 Aug 19Testament, Expo Hall
1988 Aug 19Vio-Lence, Expo Hall
1988 Aug 21James Taylor, Sun Dome
1988 Aug 31Jimmy Page, Sun Dome
1988 Sep 11Elton John, Sun Dome
1988 Nov 11B.B. King, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1988 Nov 12Little Feat, Expo Hall
1988 Nov 20Ozzy Osbourne, Sun Dome
1988 Nov 20Anthrax, Sun Dome
1988 Dec 3Motorhead, Expo Hall
1988 Dec 3Slayer, Expo Hall
1988 Dec 30KANSAS/NIGHT RANGER, Sun Dome
1989 Feb 5Jane's Addiction, The Masquerade
1989 Feb 17Chicago, Sun Dome
1989 Mar 16Poison, Sun Dome
1989 Mar 16Tesla, Sun Dome
1989 Mar 21Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Apr 19Exodus, Sun Dome
1989 Apr 19Anthrax, Sun Dome
1989 Apr 19Helloween, Sun Dome
1989 Apr 29Nitzer Ebb, The Masquerade
1989 Jun 26The Godfathers, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Jun 26Love and Rockets, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Jul 20Jackson Browne, Sun Dome
1989 Jul 20David Lindley and El Rayo X, Sun Dome
1989 Jul 21Steppenwolf, Sun Dome
1989 Jul 29The Who, Tampa Stadium
1989 Aug 4The Neville Brothers, Sun Dome
1989 Aug 4Jimmy Buffett, Sun Dome
1989 Sep 3Pop Will Eat Itself, The Masquerade
1989 Sep 26Crosby,Stills and Nash, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Oct 324-7 Spyz, The Rock-It Club
1989 Oct 21The B-52's, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Oct 21Love Tractor, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Oct 28Savatage, Tampa Stadium
1989 Oct 31Rehearsal: Savatage, Expo Hall, 'Gutter Ballet' album release party
1989 Nov 14Bob Dylan, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Nov 15Bob Dylan, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1989 Nov 18Living Colour, Tampa Stadium
1989 Nov 18The Rolling Stones, Tampa Stadium
1989 Nov 22Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Sun Dome
1989 Nov 22Jeff Beck, Sun Dome
1989 Nov 26JETHRO TULL/, Sun Dome
1989 Dec 1Bad English, Sun Dome
1989 Dec 5Savatage, The Rock-It Club
1990 Feb 15Nine Inch Nails, Cuban Club
1990 Feb 16Alice Cooper, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Trashed Tour
1990 Apr 12Paul McCartney , Tampa Stadium
1990 Apr 19Aerosmith, Sun Dome
1990 Apr 20Aerosmith, Sun Dome
1990 Jul 5Nine Inch Nails, The Masquerade
1990 Jul 8Blues Traveler, Expo Hall
1990 Jul 8The Allman Brothers, Expo Hall
1990 Jul 8The Allman Brothers Band, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1990 Aug 4KISS, Sun Dome
1990 Nov 29kings x/TRIXTER/SAVATAGE, Zephyrhills Festival Park, LIVESTOCK 1
1991 Feb 21Testament, Expo Hall
1991 Feb 21Slayer, Expo Hall
1991 Feb 26concrete blonde, Sun Dome
1991 Feb 26Sting, Sun Dome
1991 Mar 9Lynch Mob, The Rock-It Club
1991 Mar 9Bleeding Hearts, The Rock-It Club
1991 Mar 23Extreme, Sun Dome
1991 Mar 23Winger, Sun Dome
1991 May 7Cheap Trick, The Ritz
1991 May 21The Robert Cray Band, Sun Dome
1991 May 21Steve Winwood, Sun Dome
1991 Jul 5Yes, Expo Hall
1991 Aug 25The Moody Blues, Sun Dome
1991 Sep 14Eric Johnson, Tampa Theatre
1991 Oct 29The Allman Brothers Band, Sun Dome
1991 Nov 9Death, The Ritz
1991 Nov 16Soundgarden/SAIGON KICK/FOUR HORSEMEN/SAVATAGE, Zephyrhills Festival Park, LIVESTOCK 2
1991 Dec 1Fishbone, University of South Florida
1991 Dec 1Primus, University of South Florida
1991 Dec 14Ozzy Osbourne , University of South Florida
1992 Jan 16Quadrophonia, Tracks
1992 Apr 29Foghat/, The Rock-It Club
1992 May 17Genesis, Tampa Stadium
1992 Jul 25Rehearsal: Danzig, Sun Dome
1992 Jul 25Black Sabbath, Sun Dome
1992 Oct 10U2, Tampa Stadium
1992 Oct 23White Heart, Expo Hall
1992 Oct 23Rachel Rachel, Expo Hall
1992 Oct 30Trixter, Sun Dome
1992 Oct 30KISS, Sun Dome
1992 Nov 29Joe Satriani, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1993 Mar 3Damn Yankees , Sun Dome
1993 Mar 8Ace Frehley, The Ritz
1993 Mar 27Glenn Frey & Joe Walsh, Sun Dome
1993 Apr 17Poco/Edgar Winter/Steppenwolf, University of South Florida
1993 Jun 11The Moody Blues with the Festival Orchestra, Sun Dome
1993 Jun 16Spin Doctors, Sun Dome
1993 Jun 16Screaming Trees, Sun Dome
1993 Jun 16Soul Asylum, Sun Dome
1993 Jul 14Duran Duran / Terence D'Arby, Sun Dome
1993 Sep 21David Crosby and Graham Nash, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1994 Feb 4Aerosmith, Sun Dome
1994 Feb 5Aerosmith, Sun Dome
1994 Feb 26Meat Loaf, Sun Dome
1994 Feb 26Meatloaf, University of South Florida, Bat Out Of Hell II Tour
1994 Apr 1Ace Frehley, The Ritz
1994 May 5Pink Floyd, Tampa Stadium, Division Bell Tour
1994 May 6Pink Floyd, Tampa Stadium, Division Bell Tour
1994 Jun 12Ted Nugent, Florida Expo Park
1994 Jun 12Ian Moore, Florida Expo Park
1994 Jun 12Lynyrd Skynyrd, Florida Expo Park
1994 Jun 16Steve Morse Band, The Ritz
1994 Aug 12Peter Frampton\Robin Trower, Expo Hall
1994 Aug 20Metallica, Florida Expo Park
1994 Sep 25ZZ Top, Sun Dome
1994 Nov 10Cheap Trick, Killian's Rock Cafe
1994 Nov 22Spin Doctors, Tampa Stadium
1994 Nov 22The Rolling Stones, Tampa Stadium
1995 Jan 25Pantera, Expo Hall
1995 Mar 26Bryan Ferry, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1995 Apr 7The Black Crowes, Tampa Stadium
1995 Apr 7The Grateful Dead, Tampa Stadium
1995 Apr 11Elton John and Billy Joel, Tampa Stadium
1995 Apr 11Elton John/Billy Joel, Tampa Stadium
1995 May 9Cheap Trick, Killian's Rock Cafe
1995 May 13Marilyn Manson, Expo Hall
1995 May 13Danzig, Expo Hall
1995 May 13Korn, Expo Hall
1995 May 27Lunachicks, Expo Hall
1995 May 27The Offspring, Expo Hall
1995 May 27The Vandals, Expo Hall
1995 Jun 8SANTANA/, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1995 Jul 1Boston/, Sun Dome
1995 Jul 23White Zombie/Rev.Horton Heat/Babes in Toyland, Florida Expo Park
1995 Jul 31Live, Expo Hall
1995 Aug 11Helmet, Expo Hall
1995 Aug 11Primus, Expo Hall
1995 Nov 4Crosby, Stills & Nash, Florida Expo Park, Pointfest
1995 Nov 4The Radiators, Florida Expo Park, Pointfest
1995 Nov 13Cheap Trick, Frankie's Patio
1995 Nov 15Phish/, Sun Dome
1995 Dec 9Confederate Railroad, Expo Hall
1995 Dec 9Chely Wright, Expo Hall
1996 Jan 11Gov't Mule, Frankie's Patio
1996 Feb 5Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Sun Dome
1996 Apr 18Gov't Mule, Frankie's Patio
1996 Aug 13Zakk Wylde's Pride & Glory, The Rubb
1996 Sep 8Styx, Sun Dome
1996 Oct 1George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars, Frankie's Patio
1996 Oct 5Gov't Mule, Frankie's Patio
1996 Dec 7Merle Haggard, Expo Hall
1996 Dec 7johnny paycheck, Expo Hall
1996 Dec 9Rush, Ice Palace
1997 Feb 28Phil Collins, Ice Palace
1997 Mar 21BUSH/, Ice Palace
1997 Apr 5Helmet, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VII Festival
1997 Apr 5Darlahood, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VII Festival
1997 Apr 5Local H, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VII Festival
1997 Apr 5Seven Mary Three, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VII Festival
1997 Apr 5Motley Crue, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VII Festival
1997 Apr 5Type O Negative, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VII Festival
1997 May 9ZZ Top, Sun Dome
1997 May 9George Thorogood, Sun Dome
1997 May 23Styx, Sun Dome
1997 Jun 13Crosby, Stlls and Nash, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1997 Aug 15The Who, Ice Palace, Quadrophenia Tour
1997 Oct 9Primus, USF Special Events Center
1997 Nov 10U2, Tampa Stadium, PopMart Tour
1997 Nov 12Fleetwood Mac, Ice Palace
1997 Nov 24Aerosmith, Ice Palace
1997 Dec 5Pantera, Expo Hall
1998 Mar 28Days of the New, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VIII Festival
1998 Mar 28Creed, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VIII Festival
1998 Mar 29Impotent Sea Snakes, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VIII Festival
1998 Mar 29Limp Bizkit, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VIII Festival
1998 Mar 29Megadeth, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VIII Festival
1998 Mar 29Sevendust, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock VIII Festival
1998 May 20Page & Plant, Ice Palace
1998 Jun 25gravity kills, The Rubb
1998 Jun 25Pitchshifter, The Rubb
1998 Jul 3Stevie Nicks, Ice Palace
1998 Jul 3Boz Skaggs, Ice Palace
1998 Jul 4The Black Crowes, Sun Dome
1998 Oct 10Gov't Mule, Frankie's Patio
1998 Oct 31Candlebox, Guavaween, Guavaween Festival
1999 Jan 23Henry Rollins, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
1999 Feb 14Billy Joel, Ice Palace
1999 Mar 3The Rolling Stones, Ice Palace
1999 Mar 20Eagle Eye Cherry, Sun Dome
1999 Mar 20Sheryl Crow, Sun Dome
1999 Mar 27Marilyn Manson, Ice Palace
1999 May 2Loudmouth, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock IX Festival
1999 May 2Godsmack, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock IX Festival
1999 May 2Kid Rock, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock IX Festival
1999 May 2Oleander, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock IX Festival
1999 May 2Buckcherry, Zephyrhills Festival Park, Livestock IX Festival
1999 Jun 10fuel, The Rubb
1999 Jun 10finger 11, The Rubb
1999 Jun 10Virgos Merlot, The Rubb
1999 Jul 3Poison, Ice Palace, Perfect Hairball
1999 Jul 3Ratt, Ice Palace, Perfect Hairball
1999 Jul 3Great White, Ice Palace, Perfect Hairball
1999 Jul 3L.A. Guns, Ice Palace, Perfect Hairball
1999 Jul 6Journey/Foreigner, Ice Palace
1999 Jul 10John Mellencamp, Ice Palace
1999 Aug 6Ted Nugent, Ice Palace
1999 Aug 18Jeff Beck, Ice Palace
1999 Aug 18Jonny Lang, Ice Palace
1999 Sep 21Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Ice Palace
1999 Oct 1.38 Special , Ice Palace
1999 Nov 2Motorhead, The Masquerade
1999 Nov 2Nashville Pussy, The Masquerade
1999 Dec 4Shania Twain, Ice Palace
2000 Feb 2Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ice Palace
2000 Feb 2ZZ Top, Ice Palace
2000 Mar 6Bruce Springsteen, Ice Palace
2000 Mar 11Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Ice Palace, CSNY2K Tour
2000 Mar 31Britney Spears, Ice Palace
2000 Apr 12KISS, Ice Palace
2000 Jun 2Roger Waters, Ice Palace, In The Flesh Tour
2000 Jul 16Poison, Ice Palace
2000 Jul 21Santana, Ice Palace
2000 Aug 12Pearl Jam, Ice Palace
2000 Aug 12Sonic Youth, Ice Palace
2000 Sep 25Jimmy Page & The Black Crows, Ice Palace
2000 Sep 26The Who, Ice Palace
2000 Sep 26UnAmerican, Ice Palace
2001 Jan 27Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ice Palace
2001 Mar 2Kid Rock, Ice Palace
2001 May 19Eric Clapton, Ice Palace
2001 Jun 2James Taylor, Ice Palace
2001 Jun 3Poison , Sun Dome
2001 Jun 15Journey, Sun Dome
2001 Aug 15Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band, Sun Dome
2001 Nov 3Stone Temple Pilots, Ice Palace, Family Values Tour
2001 Nov 27Aerosmith, Ice Palace
2001 Dec 1U2, Ice Palace, Elevation Tour 2001
2002 Feb 2Bob Dylan & his band, Ice Palace
2002 Feb 8REO Speedwagon , Expo Hall
2002 Mar 21Santana, Ice Palace
2002 Apr 14Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Ice Palace
2002 May 15Paul McCartney, Ice Palace
2002 Aug 1David Lee Roth, Ice Palace
2002 Aug 1Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth, Ice Palace
2002 Aug 6Tom Petty, Ice Palace
2002 Aug 6Jackson Browne, Ice Palace
2002 Oct 10Rush, Ice Palace
2002 Oct 17Aerosmith, Ice Palace
2002 Nov 24Bruce Springsteen, Ice Palace
2003 Jan 29Styx, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jan 29Kansas, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jan 29John Waite, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Feb 8Jimmy Buffett, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Apr 13Pearl Jam, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 May 13Eagles, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jun 9Neil Young & Crazy Horse, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jun 9Lucinda Williams, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jun 12Bo Diddley, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, 2003 Verizon Music Festival Salutes The Year of the Blues
2003 Jun 12Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, 2003 Verizon Music Festival Salutes The Year of the Blues
2003 Jun 12koko taylor, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, 2003 Verizon Music Festival Salutes The Year of the Blues
2003 Jul 30Robert Hunter, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jul 30Bob Dylan & his band, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Jul 30The Dead, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Aug 9B.B. King, Sun Dome, B.B. King Music Fest
2003 Aug 9Jeff Beck, Sun Dome, B.B. King Music Fest
2003 Oct 17Savatage, The Masquerade, Criss Oliva 10th Anniversary Memorial Concert
2003 Dec 3KISS, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Dec 3Aerosmith, St. Pete Times Forum
2003 Dec 21Simon & Garfunkel with The Everly Brothers, St. Pete Times Forum
2004 Feb 6.38 Special, Expo Hall
2004 Apr 22Jimmy Buffett, St. Pete Times Forum
2004 Apr 24The Offspring, Zephyrhills Festival Park
2004 May 5David Bowie, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
2004 Jun 5Cheap Trick, St. Pete Times Forum, Stanley Cup Finals Tampa, FL
2004 Jun 14Eric Clapton, St. Pete Times Forum
2004 Jun 14Robert Randolph, St. Pete Times Forum
2004 Jul 30Rush, Ford Amphitheatre
2004 Aug 22Crosby, Stlls & Nash, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
2004 Sep 2God Forbid, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Otep, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Dimmu Borgir, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2DevilDriver, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Magna Fi, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Unearth, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Every Time I Die, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Throwdown, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Lacuna Coil, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Darkest Hour, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Black Sabbath, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Bleeding Through, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Atreyu, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Lamb Of God, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Hatebreed, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Slipknot, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Superjoint Ritual, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Black Sabbath, Ford Amphitheatre, OZZFEST
2004 Sep 2Judas Priest, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Black Label Society, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 2Slayer, Ford Amphitheatre, Ozzfest 2004
2004 Sep 9Van Halen, St. Pete Times Forum
2005 Apr 23Ravi Shankar & Anoushka Shankar, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
2005 May 21The Allman Brothers Band, Ford Amphitheatre
2005 May 21Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ford Amphitheatre
2005 May 27Emmylou Harris with Buddy Miller, Tampa Theatre
2005 Jun 14Def Leppard, St. Pete Times Forum
2005 Jun 22Judas Priest, Ford Amphitheatre
2005 Jul 8Quiet Riot, St. Pete Times Forum, The Rock Never Stops Tour
2005 Jul 8Ratt, St. Pete Times Forum, The Rock Never Stops Tour
2005 Jul 8Cinderella, St. Pete Times Forum, The Rock Never Stops Tour
2005 Jul 8Firehouse, St. Pete Times Forum, The Rock Never Stops Tour
2005 Aug 8Dream Theater, St. Pete Times Forum, Gigantour
2005 Aug 8Megadeth, St. Pete Times Forum, Gigantour
2005 Aug 13Earth Wind and Fire, Ford Amphitheatre
2005 Sep 17Journey, Ford Amphitheatre
2005 Sep 17Paul McCartney , St. Pete Times Forum
2005 Sep 23Dr. John, Tampa Theatre
2005 Nov 4Bruce Springsteen, St. Pete Times Forum, (solo & acoustic)
2005 Nov 16U2, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Jan 17Aerosmith, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Jan 17Lenny Kravitz, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Feb 18Bon Jovi, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Jun 30Vince Neil, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Jun 30Ratt, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Jul 11Def Lappard/Journey, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Aug 19Poison, St. Pete Times Forum
2006 Sep 23Styx / Foreigner, Ford Amphitheatre
2006 Sep 29Los Lonely Boys, Ford Amphitheatre
2006 Sep 29Santana, Ford Amphitheatre
2006 Oct 6Megadeth, St. Pete Times Forum, Gigantour
2006 Nov 5Donavon Frankenreiter, Tampa Theatre
2006 Nov 5Gov't Mule, Tampa Theatre
2006 Nov 22Motley Crue, Ford Amphitheatre
2006 Nov 22Aerosmith, Ford Amphitheatre
2006 Nov 25Donovan, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
2007 Jan 13Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, St. Pete Times Forum
2007 Jan 28Red Hot Chili Peppers, St. Pete Times Forum
2007 Mar 13The Who, Ford Amphitheatre
2007 Mar 25The Who, Ford Amphitheatre
2007 May 1Stephen Stills, Tampa Theatre
2007 Jun 16Rush, Ford Amphitheatre
2007 Jun 23Dr. John , Tampa Theatre
2007 Jul 4Grand Funk Railroad, Busch Gardens
2007 Jul 11The Police, St. Pete Times Forum
2007 Sep 14Heaven & Hell / Alice Cooper / Queensryche, St. Pete Times Forum
2008 Feb 18Van Halen, St. Pete Times Forum
2008 Feb 24Styx, Busch Gardens
2008 Apr 9Joan Baez, Tampa Theatre
2008 Apr 21Bruce Springsteen, St. Pete Times Forum
2008 Apr 27Bon Jovi, St. Pete Times Forum
2008 May 3Eric Clapton, Ford Amphitheatre
2008 May 25The Steve Miller Band, Joe Cocker, Ford Amphitheatre
2008 Jun 12Pearl Jam, St. Pete Times Forum
2008 Jul 16Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers , St. Pete Times Forum
2008 Jul 31Yes, Ford Amphitheatre
2008 Sep 28Cheech and Chong, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
2008 Oct 25Puddle of Mudd, Guavaween, Guavaween
2008 Oct 25Black Stone Cherry, Guavaween, Guavaween
2008 Oct 25Theory of a Deadman, Guavaween, Guavaween
2008 Dec 21AC/DC, St. Pete Times Forum
2009 Jan 29Eagles, St. Pete Times Forum
2009 Feb 1Bruce Springsteen, Raymond James Stadium, Super Bowl XLIII
2009 Mar 1Gregg Allman, Busch Gardens
2009 Mar 5Elton John, St. Pete Times Forum, with Billy Joel
2009 Mar 27Arlo Guthrie, Tampa Theatre
2009 Apr 7Lady Gaga, The Ritz
2009 Apr 22Fleetwood Mac, St. Pete Times Forum
2009 May 9Nine Inch Nails, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 May 9Jane's Addiction, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 May 9Street Sweeper Social Club, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Jun 27Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 11ZZ Top, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Jul 11Aerosmith, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Aug 1Cracker, Skipper's Smokehouse
2009 Aug 14Poison, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Aug 14Cheap Trick, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Aug 14Def Leppard, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Aug 16Judas Priest, St. Pete Times Forum
2009 Sep 27Blink-182, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Oct 9U2, Raymond James Stadium
2009 Oct 21KISS, St. Pete Times Forum
2009 Oct 30Styx/Reo Speedwagon/Night Ranger, Ford Amphitheatre
2009 Oct 31Soulidium, Guavaween, Guavaween
2009 Nov 4Soulidium, The Brass Mug
2010 Jan 21Gov't Mule, The Ritz
2010 Feb 7Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx, Busch Gardens
2010 Feb 21 Huey Lewis and the News, Busch Gardens
2010 Feb 28 Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Busch Gardens
2010 Apr 17Bon Jovi, St. Pete Times Forum
2010 Apr 25Bigelf, Tampa Theatre
2010 Apr 25Porcupine Tree, Tampa Theatre
2010 Jun 5The Reverend Horton Heat, The Ritz
2010 Jun 5Cracker, The Ritz
2010 Jul 21Smashing Pumpkins, The Ritz
2010 Jul 28Dave Matthews Band, Ford Amphitheatre
2010 Aug 7Aerosmith, Ford Amphitheatre
2010 Sep 16ZZ Top, St. Pete Times Forum
2010 Sep 16Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, St. Pete Times Forum
2010 Oct 1Rush, Ford Amphitheatre
2010 Nov 16Roger Waters, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 Feb 18Ozzy Osbourne, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 Mar 11Ace Frehley, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 Apr 17Iron Maiden, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 May 21Cheap Trick, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 Jun 17Heart, 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre
2011 Jun 17Def Leppard, 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre
2011 Jul 6Motley Crue, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 Oct 4The Steve Miller Band, St. Pete Times Forum
2011 Dec 10Trans-Siberian Orchestra, St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Feb 26.38 Special, Busch Gardens
2012 Mar 10Edwin McCain , St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Mar 23Bruce Springsteen, St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Apr 12Van Halen, St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Apr 21Rammstein, St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Jun 30Def Leppard , St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Jun 30Poison, St. Pete Times Forum
2012 Jul 14Hot Tuna, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
2012 Jul 28KISS \ Motley Crue, 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, THE TOUR
2012 Sep 14Elton John, Sun Dome
2013 Feb 11Starship, Expo Hall
2013 Mar 1Bon Jovi, Tampa Bay Times Forum
2013 May 3Cheap Trick, Expo Hall, Funshine Music Festival
2013 May 3Cheap Trick, Live Nation Amphitheatre
2013 May 3Train, Live Nation Amphitheatre, Funshine Music Festival
2013 May 4Reo Speedwagon/Styx/Ted Nugent, Live Nation Amphitheatre, Funshine Music Festival
2013 Jul 29Black Sabbath, Live Nation Amphitheatre
2013 Sep 1Eddie Money
2013 Nov 3Stone Temple Pilots, Tampa Bay Times Forum, Family Values Tour
2013 Dec 6Donnie and Marie, Tampa Bay Times Forum, Donnie & Marie Christmas
2014 May 15Supersuckers, The Ritz
2014 May 15Battleme, The Ritz
2014 May 15The Toadies, The Ritz
2014 Jul 23KISS, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
2014 Jul 23Def Leppard, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
2014 Jul 23KISS / Def Leppard, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
2014 Aug 17Motley Crue / Alice Cooper, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
2014 Nov 28Cracker, Skipper's Smokehouse
2014 Dec 20Fleetwood Mac, Tampa Bay Times Forum
2015 Feb 26shirley jones, Busch Gardens
2015 Apr 15The Who, Amalie Arena
2015 May 24Rush, Amalie Arena

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